Mar 6, 2020


By Ebrajm /
The True Peace Symbol

All beings strive for peace. Human beings of all races, countries, nations & planets strive for peace; peace within themselves, peace in their families & communities, & peace between nations & even planets & galactic or universal federations which surely exist.


All beings wish for peace. We must start with ourselves, here & now. It starts with creating peace within yourself through the act of peaceful, meditative awareness; the mindful act of stepping back from all thinking, speaking & doing, if only for a short moment, & sitting quietly in pure observation.


All things pass, rise & fall, become & pass away. A clear registering of reality without any kind of attachment to anything; a non-grasping-to & pure noticing of all thoughts, feelings, sounds, situations, objects & things. Pure observation. This is an effective daily practice to create clarity, sharp focus, concentration & inner peace. Develop inner peace, this is the first step. The next step is peace within one's own family. Through creating inner peace, a general atmosphere of peace is generated which has a beneficial, life-affirming effect on people, animals & plants in your immediate surroundings. This then spreads out into the community in which you live.


Peaceful interactions in the form of peaceful communication, listening & honouring the opinions of others, & the mutual respect & love towards all people, animals & plants. Only through fairness & true equality can a real & honest democracy arise. Everybody truly matters. All voices are heard & we act together in harmony for the benefit & health of all people, plants & animals, upholding the rights of all to have peace, health & love. This is true democracy, true solidarity, true peace & true freedom. We are all of equal value. We all deserve respect, love, peace, freedom & harmony.


The words on these pages are only of value when they are truly recognized & realized within each person & then put into practice in daily life.


This is where the true value lies.


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