Growing Solutions: Soil, Water, Farmers, Seeds, Roots (2020)

In the face of threats to our farming future such as climate change, people are innovating to protect and regenerate our most vital resources – soil, water, seeds, and our farmer workforce. Growing Solutions features a centuries-old water conservation method, a farmer who’s growing topsoil faster than most thought possible, a seed-saving high school, a farmer training program for military veterans, and researchers who are developing a perennial style of agriculture that mimics the prairie. 

The 42-minute documentary is the third in a series of films created by the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF).

“All three of our films are focused on solutions,” said Leo Horrigan, the director of the film and Food System Correspondent at the CLF. “This one shines a light on how to grow food in ways that don’t degrade the soil but actually build soil, how to deal with water scarcity, and how to make farming part of the solution to climate change. We think the projects we’ve highlighted can help point the way to a more secure food and farming future.”

The film can be used as an educational resource in conjunction with FoodSpan, the CLF’s online curriculum about the food system. A discussion guide for Growing Solutions, as well as CLF's other educational documentaries, Out to Pasture and Food Frontiers, are available on the FoodSpan website.

“We hope this film can help ignite a greater interest in these critical issues among young people, who long-term stand to benefit the most from improvements to our farming systems,” Horrigan said.

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