The Sacredness of Twoness | Lyla June Johnston

From the session: ONE, NOT TWO: SACRED WHOLENESS | 2018 Festival of Faiths 

Lyla June Johnston is an artist, human ecologist, public speaker, and community organizer of Diné (Navajo), Tsétsêhéstâhese (Cheyenne), and European lineages. 

Her multi-genre performance style has invigorated and inspired audiences across the globe towards healing.

 Her messages focus on Indigenous rights, supporting youth, inter-cultural healing, historical trauma, and traditional land stewardship practices. 

"From ancient times our faith traditions teach us that everything is inextricably united as a sacred whole. This eternal and perennial wisdom is hard to grasp by the human mind, which tends to see the world dualistically: right/wrong, male/female, sacred/profane. 

The contemplative, non-dual mind, however, can restore our understanding of the interdependence of all things. It holds paradox, and it is unitive. This session will explore how unifying, and balancing the complementary feminine and masculine aspects of Divine Wisdom is essential to our approaching wholeness, and the non-dual mind." 


THE 23RD ANNUAL FESTIVAL OF FAITHS, 'Sacred Insight - Feminine Wisdom' is a five-day nationally acclaimed multi-faith celebration of music, poetry, art, film, and dialogue with spiritual leaders, practitioners, and teachers. 24 - 28 April, 2018 | Louisville, KY 

More Information:  

The 2018 Festival explores practices, teachings, and insight rooted in Feminine wisdom. Speakers and artists from diverse backgrounds and faith traditions examine the Feminine aspects of God, non-dual thinking, the wisdom of the natural world, suffering, healing, emotional intelligence, and creativity. 

The Festival seeks to offer deeper insight into the Sacred Feminine in all of us. Join the Conversation. Join the Movement. 

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