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Israel’s Secret War
While all eyes are on Gaza... 
Holocaust Survivor Tells Me: Israel Is Committing Genocide - w. Stephen Kapos
Stephen Kapos is an 87-year-old Holocaust survivor from Budapest, and here he tells me about the horrors he survived - and why Israel is committing genocide in Gaza. He's such an inspiring voice, full of moral clarity, and it was a privilege to listen to him. - Owen Jones
US Presidential Candidate Cornel West on Israel-Hamas War, Despair vs Hope and Biden vs Trump
US Presidential candidate Dr Cornel West is a philosopher and prominent advocate for social and racial justice. He’s taught at some of the top universities in the US including Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, but has one major plan if he becomes President: to “dismantle the...
How the US Privatized WAR
The ways of war are changing. Artificial intelligence is used to bomb families in Gaza. Flying drones are deployed to track down refugees on the US-Mexico border. But the biggest change is the one we talk about the least: the privatization of war. 
Holocaust Survivor Tells Piers Morgan Why He’s Not A Zionist
Dr. Gabor Mate talks about his path away from zionism.
What This Jewish Professor At Columbia Wants You To Know
For over seven months, a dominant conversation in the U.S. news media has been about alleged and increased antisemitism on American campuses - culminating in the coverage around student encampments. The “Gaza solidarity encampment” at Columbia University, in particular, has...
Israel Supporters Assault, Spit, Wish R-pe On Protestors
U.S. media and politicians have spoken out ad nauseam about the alleged anti-semitism on display at ceasefire protests. Not only do they fail to distinguish between antizionism (which is not antisemitism) and antisemitism, but they refuse to cover the the violence and hate...
Wallace Shawn SLAMS Israel's 'Horrifying Sadism' & Defends Protests
Actor, playwright and essayist Wallace Shawn shares his thoughts on the "misbegotten" state of Israel, condemns its "insanity," defends the protests, and expresses skepticism about the antisemitism of college campuses. 
Jeremy Corbyn on Rafah: "We're Live-Streaming a Genocide"
“Israel intends to destroy an entire people” 
Israel's Atrocities Exposed By CNN - A Network Defined By Pro-Israeli Bias
The fact even CNN is reporting this is significant. - Owen Jones
Gaza Genocide: A Socialist Perspective
Using found footage and an interview with activist Mike Wilson, this documentary gives historical context to the conflict between Israel and Palestine and the genocide taking place in Gaza, from a socialist perspective.
Not Backing Down: Israel, Free Speech & The Battle For Palestinian Rights
"NOT BACKING DOWN,” a panel discussion on the increasingly vitriolic backlash against pro-Palestinian voices, was held at the UMass-Amherst Fine Arts Center on May 4, 2019 in front of a capacity crowd despite a fierce attempt by right-wing groups to brand the event as...
John Oliver, Macklemore & Chris Hayes Defend Student Protesters From Media Smears
Mainstream media is beginning to lose the propaganda war they’ve been waging on student protesters. Notable figures like John Oliver, Chris Hayes and Macklemore have defended the college protesters and debunked mainstream media’s lies about them. 
Biden PANICS Over Israel's Genocide
Biden's latest move tells us one thing: they're panicking. - Owen Jones
Honest Government Ad | How to State Capture
The Australien Government has made an ad about our environment laws, and it's surprisingly honest and informative. 
Psychedelic Psilocybin Magic Truffle Veteran Retreat
In September 2021 a diverse group of veterans from The Netherlands participated in a psychedelic nature retreat organised by Psychedelic Insights, called Psychedelic Warriors. 
America's Support for Israel is ONE BIG SCAM
Welcome to the United States of Israel.
Pro-Palestinian Demonstrations Surge at US Campuses after Columbia University Arrests
Growing outrage over Israel's war on Gaza has sparked protests at major universities in the US. 
Why Are Palestine Slogans Worse Than Israel’s Genocide?
Mohammed El-Kurd on Israel & The Art of Distraction. 
The Lie That Made Food Conglomerates Rich...And Is Slowly Poisoning Us
Nestle, Kellogg’s, and other big food conglomerates have been funding a massive misinformation campaign to make you think their foods are healthy. Their goal is to get you addicted, and make billions in profits. It’s straight from Big Tobacco's playbook — literally. 
No AI for Genocide: Google Fires 28 Workers for Protesting Contract with Israeli Military
Why did Google just fire 28 workers? They tried to stop the company's role in "powering" Israel's AI-enabled genocide. They've seen the tools from the inside and couldn't stand for it. BT's Jackie Kindall followed the historic day of tech worker action with No Tech for...
Living Without: How Much is Enough?
Do you feel like life is a constant game of catch-up? No matter how much you strive to get and do, you feel like you need to do more or have more? 
Iran Attack: Israel Drags World To World War 3
The red lights are flashing.
We Went To Puerto Rico: The Inequality We Saw Will Shock You
43% of people in Puerto Rico live in poverty. More than 5,000 crypto traders, real estate developers and other wealthy Americans have moved to the island since 2012. These rich transplants pay 3% taxes, while locals pay up to 36%. We spoke with local residents, investigative...
Why Social Democracy Isn't Good Enough
One of the major stumbling blocks for new lefties is getting stuck in the "why can't we just have social democracy?" phase. On the surface, the Nordic Model looks pretty good - social safety nets, great public services, better workers' what's the problem? 
The Restorative Revolution and a River of Reciprocity | Sammy Gensaw III
Sammy Gensaw III, a dynamic young Yurok leader, shares some of his experiences working for ecological and cultural revival along the Klamath River, central to his people’s identity and livelihood. 
Billionaires are Pillaging America. How Do We Fight Back? | The Chris Hedges Report
The resurgence of the labor movement in 2023 galvanized and emboldened unions around the country—and sent capitalists scrambling to squash the nascent militancy of their workers. 
What REALLY Happened on October 7
The video Israel does not want you to see. 
Michael Moore’s Dire Warning For Biden About the 2024 Election
In the latest episode of his podcast, filmmaker Michael Moore gave Biden a dire warning about the 2024 election: he risks losing if he refuses to stop arming Israel. He’s not the only one saying it. In this video we’ll look at criticisms of Biden, recent developments in the...
Jon Stewart Interrogates America's Support of Israel & 2024 Solar Eclipse Mania | The Daily Show
Jon Stewart checks in on the war in Gaza and interrogates how America's purported values stack up against its support of Israel. Plus, Ronny Chieng and Grace Kuhlenschmidt report from the eclipse's path of totality with startling different reports. 
The ABCs of Israel/Palestine: From “Never Again” to “There are No Uninvolved Civilians”
Elites use identity, particularly national identity, as a way of advancing their own interests, often against the interests of the populations that they pretend to represent. The Israel Palestine conflict is a stark example of this, where nationalist elites initially...
Why the United States May Never Stop Israel
"There's a famous story about the first time Benjamin Netanyahu met Bill Clinton" - Cyrus Janssen
Smartphones vs. Smart Kids: Heading Off Disaster in Teen Mental Health | Jonathan Haidt
Bestselling author and social psychologist Jonathan Haidt shares research findings from his upcoming book, The Anxious Generation: How the Great Rewiring of Childhood is Causing an Epidemic of Mental Illness. He addresses the many unsettling connections between social media...
How This Car-Free Neighborhood Unlocks Sustainable Cities
Culdesac, a new car-free community in Tempe, Arizona, is the most Edenic urban space I have seen. Join me on a recent visit and conversation with its CEO Ryan Johnson—who explained how to unlock sustainability in the US and design our way out of the loneliness epidemic. This...
How "Big Picture Activism" Can Change the World
This short video urges people to spread the word about the need for an economic shift from global to local. This type of big picture activism can help tackle our social and environmental crises simultaneously. 
How The Media Controls The Masses | Second Thought
From FOX to MSNBC, the corporate media is united in promoting elite economic and government interests.
October 7th: The Whole Story Finally Revealed
A new al-Jazeera documentary finally offers the most definitive story of that fateful day - and I talk through the shocking claims of real atrocities and false claims with journalist Richard Sanders. - Owen Jones
Social Media Capitalism is DESTROYING Your Mind
“We are not medieval peasants begging at the court of King Zuckerberg. We are the free citizens of democracy." 
The Rules of the Game Must Change | Yanis Varoufakis
In a world where machines talk and robots walk, what becomes of human work? Discover why 'Universal Basic Income' might just be the lifeline we need in an automated future. Are we ready to rewrite the rules and reclaim our place in a world shared with AI? 
The Hungry Ghost Inside Us: What Really Causes Addiction | Dr. Gabor Mate
What if the addictions that grip so many are merely attempts to silence a deeper, emotional pain? 
The Illusion of Progress | Charles Eisenstein
What if the very definition of progress we've been chasing is leading us astray?
How Advertising Creates Cultural Violence | Peter Joseph
Are we shaping our lives, or is an invisible hand steering us towards a cliff? 
How Humans Regenerate Earth | Dr. Lyla June
Imagine a world where deserts bloom into lush gardens at the touch of human hands. What if our presence on Earth could spark life, not diminish it? Dive into a journey of ancient wisdom where native people didn't just inhabit the land, they enriched it, turning barren grounds...
Here's Every U.S. Factory Making Bombs For Israel
"All of these locations have been carefully mapped out by Christian Sorensen, an Air Force veteran and researcher with the Eisenhower Media Network so if you can't find a location close to you you can go to his SubStack and find a corporate office by your location." ...
Honest Government Ad | Visit Tasmania!
The Tasmanien Government has made a tourism ad and it’s surprisingly honest and informative. 
Pro-Israel Lobbyists Are Pushing the TikTok Ban
The problem isn't Tiktok. The problem is Israel is committing a genocide for all the world to see and the truth is getting out on every social media platform. 
Israel Fans FREAK Over Jonathan Glazer Oscar Protest
Krystal and Saagar discuss Israel supporters freaking after Zone of Interest director Jonathan Glazer's acceptance speech at the Oscar's. 
Jon Stewart Calls BS on Trump & the GOP's Performative Patriotism
Jon Stewart unpacks Biden’s fired-up State of the Union and Katie Britt’s disastrous GOP kitchen rebuttal, then calls bulls**t on conservatives branding themselves the party of “true American patriots” and wrapping themselves in the Constitution, while their leader Trump's...
How to Recover from Depression: Why Skills are Better than Pills
Leading depression expert and clinical psychologist Dr Michael Yapko draws on research and shares his insights from 40 years of working with those suffering this common mental health issue. Learn the simple skills that research shows can help you or a loved one to recover ...
Meet The Wrong Type of Jew, Israel Doesn't Want You To Know Exists
You won’t see this in the mainstream media.
No, We Didn't Need to Nuke Japan
This video obliterates the case that nukes were necessary to save lives or end WWII.
The original goal of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), according to its first Secretary General, was "to keep the Soviets out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.” Today, the Soviet Union is gone, the United States is dominant, and Germany is...
Urban Food Forest in a Public Park! – The City Food Commons
The City Food Commons shares the story of Roimata Food Commons, an urban food forest initiative driven by Ōtautahi Christchurch local Michael Reynolds. The aim of the project is to empower the community to co-create space in a public park, reviving the notion of the Commons...
I Wrote What? Google's AI-Powered Libel Machine
“Gemini shows the awesome dystopian possibilities of AI”
The REAL Threat to British Democracy | Peter Oborne
The video UK politicians don't want you to see.
US Soldier: We Must Stop Sacrificing Lives for Defense Contractors
In 2010, a young soldier named Mike Prysner became a legend for a spontaneous speech saying that the US military fights wars not out of principle, but for Wall St and defense contractors. Today, the truth he spoke is widely known. - Fridayeveryday