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Is your question in our FAQ?

Check out our FAQ first to see if we have an answer for you. If not, send away!


We get a lot of emails...

We're a small team. Just one person fields all our incoming emails, along with everything else we do (reviewing and adding new content, posting regularly on Facebook etc). We read everything we receive, but due to the high volume, we are unfortunately not able to respond to every email. We do our best to respond quickly to the most pressing messages, or messages which we can offer a quick response to, but sometimes it can take us a little longer than we'd like. Thanks for understanding.


Attention advertisers:

Please do not email us about advertising opportunities. We get several a day and this stuff gets deleted immediately. Sorry. 


For press inquiries contact:

Tim Hjersted - Project Director
phone: (Had to de-list because of too many spam calls)
email: FilmsForAction at gmail dot com (sending an email above will go to the same place)