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Live Your Best Life - Without Even Trying (Inspirational Movie)

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We so often live in the feeling of lack, that there is not enough to be who we are. But life can be so much more. We can choose to live in abundance, in harmony with who we are. Are you ready for a change?

Who are you if you let go of the things you think you need to be, the expectations you hold for yourself and that you think other people hold for you?

Maybe there is something new to find? My wish is that this movie can make a difference to you. That it can help you see some part of your self, help you dare ask a different question about life, help you find courage to open up, or in some way help you take one step towards your higher potential, feeling more love, abundance and happiness on your Journey. Have a good Journey. Hope to see you sometime!

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Learn how to get out of your mental prison:


(In order of appearance)

Øystein Rabbe (narrator) -
Michael Tsarion
Robin Williams
Will Smith
Jamie Smart
Jim Carrey
Morten Hake –
Steve Jobs
Anthony Robbins

Thanks to all my friends who have supported and encouraged me on the journey. Thanks to Morten Hake who has believed so deeply in this movies potential- and also special thanks to Ken Knapstad who has helped me with the audio mix. Thanks to Randi Bergman for letting me use her in the video. Thanks to all who have contributed with feedback, thoughts and reassurance. Without you guys this movie would have never came to be.

All tracks are from the album «Sun» by Thomas Bergesen / Two Steps From Hell
Licensed with

«Creation of Earth»
«Before Time»