Charles Eisenstein: Life is a Gift

Underneath all of the sharpest divisions, human beings of any opinion tribe can still recognize certain fundamental truths. I like to touch those sometimes, so that I myself don’t get lost in the conflict. Conflict is loud. Fear is loud. Rage is loud. Bombs are loud, and so are the wails of mothers and the sobs of children and cries of the afflicted for justice. All of these can drown out other important sounds that the heart needs to hear.

With that in mind, I offer you this beautiful animated and scored rendition of some simple words I spoke one day to a young man. Thank you Edie Art for this creation.

These words don’t invalidate any of the horrors unfolding on earth. But if that is all we hear, our responses will never be wise. And so, I offer you this short transmission on the purpose of the human being through the lens of gift.

- Charles Eisenstein

Video illustrated and animated by Edie ArtWatch more of their Animated Talks

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