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An Anatomy of an Injustice: Michael O'Brien's shocking account of the Cardiff Newsagent Three scandal

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A documentary film about a shocking miscarriage of justice that became known as the Cardiff Newsagent Three. An Anatomy of an Injustice tells the story of Michael O'Brien, one of the Cardiff Newsagent Three, who was arrested and charged for a murder he didn't commit.

Aged just 19, and unable to read and write, Michael O'Brien was held in terrible conditions and convicted on the basis of flawed testimony. The South Wales Police failed to follow proper procedure so they could secure a conviction. But it was a wrongful conviction.

Michael turned to drugs and self harm to cope with the pain of wrongful conviction until one day he had enough. Risking further harassment in prison, he learned to read and write and taught himself law so he could take on the police and the government and overturn his conviction.

The film charts Michael's experience from arrest, through prison to release, documenting his reflections on life in prison, his personal struggles and traumas and how he fought back against the legal system to overturn his wrongful conviction.

An Anatomy of an Injustice is part of a series of films about prison and the criminal justice system. Check out our other films on the Sambiki Saru YouTube channel to find out more about what's going on in the English justice system and how the prison system is failing

Filmed at Shepton Mallet Prison, with thanks to Jailhouse Tours