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Wasted Waste (2018)

4.8 ·

3,6 million kg of food is wasted every day. 870 million people could be fed only with the world’s wasted food (FAO). 800 million people are starving around the world. 1/3 of the food ends up in the trash while 198 000 hectares are used to produce food that is never consumed.

This documentary is about individual lifestyles with conscious repercussions in the collective. Because from Nature’s point of view there is no such thing as waste. It’s the symbiotic aspect of life. Nature is a unified system of interdependent variables. Each one with a cause and reaction.

Freeganism is an alternative lifestyle based on the boycott of capitalism, aiming to reduce the impact in our ecosystem, rejecting any form of human or animal exploitation. This is achieved through limited and resource-conscious consumption, as well as the rescue of waste, in a society that produces above its needs.
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“Independent media is dangerous because it allows people to speak for themselves. And when you hear someone speaking from their own experience - whether it's a Palestinian child or an Israeli grandmother or an uncle in Afghanistan or a refugee in the Calais refugee camp - it changes you. It breaks the sound barrier. It challenges the stereotypes and the caricatures that fuel the hate groups. You may not agree with what you hear - I mean, how often do we even agree with our family members? - but you begin to understand where they're coming from. That understanding is the beginning of peace. I really do think that the media can be the greatest force for peace on Earth. Instead, all too often, it is wielded as a weapon of war. We have to take the media back.” - Amy Goodman, Place to B at COP21