Ecosophia: The Fossil Fuel Trap (2024) (trailer)

Ecosophia means ecological wisdom in Latin and this documentary explores the meta-crisis and interrelation between energy, the laws of thermodynamics, the economy, resources, exponential growth, climate change, population, psychology and degrowth solutions.

While people fight over whether human-influenced climate change is a fact or conspiracy, that is a distraction from the decline of surplus energy of the finite fossil fuels we extract that make everything else that's vital for a complex civilisation of exponential consumption possible.

Directed by Peter C Downey. 
Music by Tiella Scampoli. 

Releasing in May, 2024

Featuring Prof Tim Barrett, Stephen Jenkinson, B. Sid Smith, Prof William Rees, Prof Ian Lowe, Morag Gamble, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Prof Stuart Hill, Prof Will Steffen, Prof John Gowdy, Prof William Ophuls, Bobbi Allan, Alnoor Ladha, Whaia Whaea, Mindahi Bastida, Rocky Dawuni, Victor Pires and Randy Hayes.
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