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Ruth Zweifler and the Student Advocacy Center of Michigan | Documentary 2019

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A documentary about Ruth Zweifler, Ann Arbor activist and co-founder of the Student Advocacy Center of Michigan.

Ruth helped to found Student Advocacy Center in 1975 and has never stopped advocating that we love, cherish and nurture all students in our public schools. The Student Advocacy Center of Michigan works to help children stay in school, realize their rights to a quality public education, and experience success.


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CREDITS Directed by Austin C. Pruett Videography by A.J. Grimm Austin C. Pruett Zach Zweifler Edited by A.J. Grimm Austin C. Pruett Interviewees Kehili Brenen Robert Currie James Hawkins Peri Stone-Palmquist Alma Wheeler Smith Dr. Rossi Ray-Taylor Andrew Zweifler Ruth Zweifler Special Thanks to SAC Staff Jenny Borgula Barton Bund Drew Pruett Zweifler Family Archival Footage “The Children of Martin Luther King, Jr. - Ruth Zweifler & Kihilee Brenen” ( “Do You Speak American?” Episode 1 ( © COPYRIGHT 2005 MACNEIL/LEHRER PRODUCTIONS Music Puccini Madame Butterfly, 1964 Opera Without Words I Lived (Instrumental) OneRepublic Jester, Cano, Flitter Key Backwards Beat Sound of Picture At Home L-Ray Music