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NYT Vice Chair Defends Julian Assange "Fighting for the Press" | James Goodale

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JAMES GOODALE, former executive vice president, vice chairman, and general counsel of The New York Times is best known for leading the NYT to victory in the famous free-press-threatening Pentagon Papers case. In his book, “Fighting for the Press”, he warned about the danger of the government bringing a similar case against Julian Assange of Wikileaks. Today the government has done just that... Julian Assange currently faces life in prison for publishing information that revealed evidence of war crimes and exposed government lies. Now, 10 yrs after the publishing the material, the government has yet to prove the publications have harmed a single individual. Many call this historic case a serious threat to the freedom of the press. 0:00 Intro 1:44 Extraordinarily Dangerous 2:30 The Big Question 4:40 Government Bluffs - Pentagon Papers 3:30 Government Bluffs - Broken Codes 8:40 How to Make a Hydrogen Bomb 11:28 Bay of Pigs 13:00 Army Intelligence 15:00 “Tricky Dicky” Tactics vs Julian Assange “The Assange case is a disgrace.” 16:00 Hacker Smear 18:30 Assange Case In a Nutshell 19:28 U.S. vs NYT Reporter 22:25 Julian Assange & Bob Woodward 25:00 Official Secrets 26:30 The New Pentagon Papers 35:18 Establishment Press & Free Press 38:40 Secret Trial 43:44 Sham Trial Support me on Patreon Matt Orfalea PayPal: Ethereum Wallet: 0xfc90a42D957b38BAEd12f3614Cbbeb259DAa1b27 Bitcoin Wallet: bc1q790393uytug432dyens6c2samyn7dgwa79g69u Bitcoin Cash Wallet:qzdc4ewpkdj84n37kkkpwq4vm3htnkm6pgd4h8hvs2

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