From Invasion to Dystopia: The British in Iraq | Award-Winning Documentary (2022)


This is the story of Britain’s role in Iraq, told from a British perspective.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has created Europe’s largest refugee crisis since World War II, with more than 12 million Ukrainians displaced, as a result of the conflict. Just as the coalition invasion of Iraq created the largest refugee crisis in the Middle East.

The Iraq war is an unforgettable historical event that changed the way we think about any military power that aims to help build a better future. Considered one of the world’s worst military disasters in modern history, the invasion of Iraq will echo in the annals of history and the memories of its victims.


'From Invasion to Dystopia: The British in Iraq' is a short documentary that focuses on the disastrous British intervention in Iraq and the downfall of Tony Blair.

A special thanks to The National Memorial Arboretum, for providing us with some fabulous aerial footage.


Producer & Director: Hekmat Hasan

Cinematographer & Editor: Rodric Francis

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