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Man Made Money

By Pronoic Ashu /
Sep 9, 2018
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Man Made Money


By definition, Authority means the power or right to direct or control someone or something.

Freedom means the state of not being controlled by something or somebody else. Freedom means the right to exist freely as you wish without harming others.

The Government imposes authority over you, your entire life and tells you to your face that you are free! And some people actually believe it. This is called BRAINWASHING. It doesn't matter either a single man (King/Dictator) or group of men (Government) which is elected by a majority, If somebody or something RULES over you. You are not FREE.

Also, We the people choose to agree with the government. If we do not agree with the government. The government would have no power over us. WE MUST BOYCOTT GOVERNMENT in order to exercise our Natural Birth right that is The freedom to exist on this planet freely without having to pay for our lives.

Freedom means to be happy about life because you don't have to work every single day of your life for money. Freedom means creating your own wealth i.e Printing your own money.

Government regulated Banks creates money from thin air and loan them to us. Why should we borrow money from banks which we can create our own? After all, Money is just a Tool. We use money as a transaction medium in exchange for services we provide to our community. Printing money requires human labor. And human labor is service to our community. So printing money for ourselves and others would be a Voluntary contribution to the community.

THE POWER / AUTHORITY / RIGHT TO CREATE MONEY BELONGS TO THE GENERAL POPULATION. If anybody wants they can print money as a Voluntary contribution to our free Community. Of course we can print money for ourselves at our home too because we are free people of a free community. Yay! How beautiful is that.

Everybody is born with equal rights. Everyone is equal before God. The concept of 'Authority' denies everyone's equal rights and therefore is INVALID.

This planet earth belongs to us. The natural resources belongs to us. And by 'us' I mean ALL that is living; Humans, Animals, Plants, Birds etc. God created us ALL. So therefore We are Entitled to the natural resources by birth. This Planet earth belongs to us ALL.

After the ABOLITION OF GOVERNMENT, there would be no countries, So we can travel the world freely without the need of any visa or any other fake permit. There would be No wars over land and other natural resources because We ALL are One and the planet earth belongs to us all. There would be no poverty because we all can print our own money. The world as we know it would be in peace. Human race will  prosper beautifully. Everyone of us would be living our dreams.

And Welfare Services such as making roads, hospitals, library, providing electricity, public safety, building schools etc would all be Voluntary Contributions to OUR FREE SOCIETY. There would be a relationship of love and trust among all of us. So we may contribute to each others life and live together as one big family of planet Earth. Live and let live, that is what we gonna do. Blessed be Humanity.

So, This is How the process of creating our own money works.

Prerequisite for Creating Money :

• Remember money is just a tool used for transaction of services. All money is created out of thin air and has an imaginary Value.

• The idea is to have two or more forms of money which are easily available, accessible and recreate-able for everyone.

• The first form of money Which is Paper money is backed by other forms of money which can be anything and may vary from one locality to another locality.


I personally believe that Marijuana is a Medicinal and Spiritual plant. So I will be using Marijuana Nugs to back up my Paper Currency for example :

Screenshot (226)

As we begin to print our own money. Our lives will become all about contribution (voluntary of course) to community from all about earning money and then we truly would be a FREE SOCIETY. 'Sharing' is the model of life. We live for each other. We are one big Family. Sharing our joys and happiness with others expands our joys and happiness. Such is the design of Universe.

Love is when you give and seek nothing in return. To give without expectations.

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