Jun 1, 2017

Rational Self-Preservation Through Global Unity

By Michael Emero / filmsforaction.org
Rational Self-Preservation Through Global Unity

Imagine a world where instead of eternally fighting each other in defense of our various cliques, cults, colors, creeds or groups, we began first defending all humans and the planet against our common threats: corruption, war, poverty, nationalism, and other divisive business models for psychopathic profiteering.

Despite easy skepticism, that's not some ridiculous utopian dream. It's simply being civilized; a mature species finally recognizing that it's in everyone's best interests to prioritize the greater good of our collective sustainability and future over normalized short term, petty political or economic advantages.

If it still seems impossible, take a moment to consider Why- after all, the vast majority of humans want peaceful security for themselves and their children. The reality is, those claiming to represent us have chosen self-serving agendas masquerading as means to that end, while forever accomplishing the opposite.

We're drowning in headlines of distracting minutia, losing all perspective through endless debating over meaningless protocol or identity-pandering feuds. Injustice and despair result in violence, which is now used to justify increasing the very behaviors causing it. Thus sanity and intelligence are under attack.

Intellect is the ability to calmly accept, comprehend, and weigh new information on factual merit before allowing personal emotion or bias to interfere. That skill is being actively challenged under a rhetoric of might-makes-right brutish egotism and misplaced pride from drum-banging imaginary American Greatness.

With respect to our historical figures throughout recorded histories and from around the globe, there is something more important than infinitely defending the "honor" of mere flag colors or perceived cultural legacy. It's continuing to build on our noble accomplishments, while learning lessons from shared pasts.

Currently those consolidating power are taking steps backwards in every area we've supposedly championed in the past: human rights, privacy, equality, freedom, even science itself. What ideals do soldiers have left to defend that haven't been nullified or subverted- other than "pride" in their total subservience?

I'm not proud to have been born in this country; I claim no bragging rights based on geographic location or local tradition. In my view, the beauty and value of humanity cannot be encompassed within any border except that of our solar system. It is to the entire human race, not a faction thereof, I owe allegance.

I reject the hypocritical "morality" than cries outrage at deaths only if they're unscheduled and happen in certain friendly countries we aren't currently bombing. I abhor the sponsored casual cruelty of being marketed military service through jobs and education in our increasingly worsening and hopeless economy.

The truth is we have much, much more in common with each other than our respective, often self-appointed governments. To the extent that they can genuinely assist in meeting our shared goals, I ask everyone to support them; the rest, I hope we all unite in replacing. Because doing otherwise is forsaking humanity.

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