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Imagine for a Moment.... a Future to Believe In

By Michael Emero /
Oct 17, 2019
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Imagine for a Moment.... a Future to Believe In
Bernie's campaign is officially endorsed by everyone in this picture, truly encapsulating his heartfelt motto of "Not Me, US."

 Just imagine living in an America that has the policies Bernie & Co. are pushing for. Poverty will be virtually eliminated. Medical and Student Debt Relief will be huge burdens lifted; Medicare for All and Tuition-Free College ensure that those issues never happen again. Living Wages and Rent Control will give people the ability to not just pay bills, but save, invest, and contribute to the economy.

 The School Meals for All program means that even when times are difficult, parents don't have to choose between paying a light bill or feeding the kids. Having a Jobs Guarantee not only lowers unemployment, but begins getting our crumbling infrastructure back to something safe and more efficient. The Worker Ownership plan lets us have more say and pride in where we work.

 Ending the perpetual regime-change wars will not only save money, but will raise our country's spirits, morals, and respect in the eyes of the world. Getting the DNC funded and controlled by we the people, not corporations, keeps a populace grip on our representation so it all can't be undone for billionaires' profit goals. Automatic voter registration means we all have an equal voice.

 Mass Union Enrollment further protects us from abusive labor situations, so we can collectively bargain for fair treatment instead of accepting this "Gig Economy" model of privatizing profits and socializing expenses. Housing for All gives dignity and safety to our struggling homeless citizens, while Credit Reporting being overhauled means a more equitable, unified non-profit system.

 On top of all that, the Green New Deal protects the planet and our futures, while beginning to undo the damage fossil fuel companies (and other profit motivated polluters) have inflicted upon our only home. And, perhaps most importantly, we get a President that reflects ethical behavior- setting the bar higher for future candidates instead of continuously lower until.. well, Trump.

 That's a future we can believe in, one most people are willing to fight for if it is offered. More than half the country is not involved in politics because they believe- unfortunately, pretty accurately- that neither party as they exist now will do anything to improve their lives. We have been conditioned to vote not for what we want, but against what we fear- till it became a business model.

 That self-defeating disillusionment ends with this campaign. Individually, we are victims pitched against each other while nothing changes. Together, we are a force even oligarchs cannot stop. All we have to do is imagine bigger than the corporate Coke or Pepsi non-options we are coached is "realism," and reject this capitalist-grind servitude for a system that works for all of us.

 It won't happen immediately- like all dreams worth having, it'll take work for the full reality to arrive. But Bernie is willing to be a different kind of leader, an active force to educate and organize around obstacles. His impeccable and frankly unmatched record proves his commitment and tirelessness for getting the job done. Which inspires others- like AOC- to carry on his work.

 At the apex of so many complicated issues, incrementalism isn't reasonable any more. Status quo team-sport schadenfreude politicking serves only the top few at the many's expense while addressing none of it seriously. We are long overdue for a re-balancing of our bad-faith representation and national discontent. Hope can still be found centered around one common uplifting goal:

 Imagining that vision of a better future we can all believe in- and then uniting to fight for it.



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