Learning from Game of Thrones: How Power Really Works - The Frame Game


Game of Thrones is all about power games. What many people don't realize is that behind those power games are clashes of the way people see the world. There are clashes of frames. The people who can control these frames (like Tyrion Lannister and Tywin Lannister) tend to win over the Game of Thrones people who struggle more often (like Robb Stark). There are tons of ways you can use this understanding of frames in your normal life.

We'll look at three in this video

Note: the spoilers go up only through season 4, so if you haven't seen all the way to season 6, you are still good to watch
1) Breaking frames for persuasion (Tyrion vs. Shagga)
2) Frames in insults (Tyrion vs Robb Stark and Robb Stark vs. Jaime Lannister)
3) Frames to create options (Tyrion vs. Tywin and Tyrion vs. Lysa Arryn)


Part 2: Why Tyrion Can't Be Killed

Tyrion Lannister has a knack for staying alive. He is constantly getting into trouble and talking his way out. But Tyrion's genius is replicable if you learn how he thinks. And one of the first thing he thinks of is what other people want. That is how he manages to continue through season after season in Game of Thrones.

We cover 3 ways to figure out what people want by examining how Tyrion Lannister survives through Game of Thrones:

1. Cold reading - watch how Tyrion cold reads Bronn . Contrast that with Lommy, who never even attempts to cold read Polliver before he kills him

2. Listening - Tyrion listens very carefully to what people say. When the pirates take him hostage and mention they will sell his "manhood" to the cock merchant, he comes up with a clever reason for them to keep him alive. Cersei provides a foil to this in how she behaves with Joffrey.

3. Asking people for their stories - Tyrion asks the members of the Night's Watch for their stories, learning about Grenn and Pip. Jon Snow, on the other hand, just assumes that they hate him because he is better.

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