A Tale from the Woods (2020)


Is it really “green” and “environmentally smart” to use clearcutting methods, like the forestry industry say? Or is it an outdated, inefficient and heavily carbon-emitting practice that does not belong in a world already struggling with forest fires and a climate crisis? How would our relation to the forest change if we converted to selective logging instead? ”

A Tale from the Woods” presents: Maria “Vildhjärta” Westerberg (artist, poet), Rebecka Le Moine (biologist/politician), Anders Lindroth (researcher at Lund University), Mikael Karlsson (eco forestry spokesperson), Andris Fågelviskare (tracker, nature guide) and Ben Bushill (carpenter, poet).

Directed and produced by Mattias Olsson for Campfire Stories. Musical score composed by Mischa Grind. Audio design by Jonas Källstrand. Audio mix by Boris Laible. Co-producer: John Nyberg.

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