The Land for Our Food

👎Industrial Agriculture: 
- Destroys soil 
- Produces tons of emissions 
- Pollutes water 
- Destroys biodiversity

👍Ecological/small-scale farming
- Regenerates soil 
- Captures carbon 
- Produces more food per acre compared to industrial farming 
- Increases biodiversity

Despite these clear benefits, small-scale farmers are finding it almost impossible to access the land they need. Why? Because around the world, government policy is privileging the big and over-regulating the small - at the cost of the planet and the health of millions.


This 34min road movie follows Gavin Bridger after his community-supported farm has been ordered to leave their land (in the UK).

Realizing that finding alternative land is a serious challenge, Gavin sets out on a journey across Europe to meet farmers and organizations who are addressing land issues.

Created by Julio Molina-Montenegro for the Access to Land partnership. Find out more at

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