Andy Goes In - Working Undercover in a Factory Farm


He's a $10/hr farmhand, and his name isn't Andy.

Andy Goes In is a compelling 10-minute documentary short about a Mercy For Animals undercover investigator.

The vast majority of undercover investigations are focused on exposing animal cruelty and neglect at factory farms, not on the investigators. This new documentary short is taking a slightly different angle, however, giving a voice to the unseen heroes who risk everything to bring animal abusers to justice.

The powerful and heartbreaking film profiles MFA investigator “Andy,” who went to work at a Tyson contract farm in Tennessee. There he uncovered farm owners beating and stabbing chickens using a spiked club, standing on the birds’ necks, and throwing live birds into buckets to suffer and slowly die.

Director - Josh Polon

Producer - David Sauvage

Executive Producers - Matt Rice, Nathan Runkle

Associate Producer - Kate Ziegler

Sound Mix - Jesse Peterson

Official Selection: Toronto International 2016 - World Premiere

DOC NYC 2016 - U.S. Premiere
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