Alternative to Chaos


This is a synopsis of Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist Addendum & Zeitgeist Moving Forward documentaries, so that the justification and direction of The Venus Project is firmly established. The material has been arranged into 13 distinct topics. Each part is self sufficient so that they may be used in interactive presentations in the order and selection appropiate for the moment.

1) Current system & poverty (10' 26")

2) Monetary scheme (6' 38")

3) Corruption, profit & scarcity (11' 15")

4) Imperialism & Venezuela (3' 39')

5) Petroleum, energy and collapse (7' 56")

6) Consumption & incentive (3' 50")

7) Work & education (8' 32")

8) Natural redesign (14' 43")

9) Venus Project & technology (12' 25")

10) Resource Based Economy (12' 59")

11) Alternative energies (6' 21")

12) Victims of culture (4' 16")

13) Symbiosis (13' 20")
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