All the Time in the World: Disconnecting to Reconnect (2014) ($5)


Three kids, ages 10, 8 and 5, spend nine months self-isolating with their family in the Yukon wilderness over a long northern winter. Small cabin, no friends, no internet, no phone, no electricity. For nine months they never once said “I’m bored”. Find out why. All The Time In The World is an inspiring, humorous and family-friendly documentary that chronicles life's natural unfolding when a family tries to live by the seasons instead of by the clock.

Winner of 22 Film Festival Awards from around the world, including 9 Audience Choice Awards, 4 Best Picture Awards, 6 Youth Awards, 7 Environmental Awards.
Top 20 Audience picks at Hot Docs.

"A magnificent film" - David Suzuki

8/8 Stars “A heart-swellingly wonderful account of togetherness, ingenuity, creativity and invention and a telling look at how letting go of technology can strengthen – not compromise –connection.”
- Hot Docs Reviews, Toronto

"Engrossing" - Globe and Mail

"Bracingly gorgeous" - LA Times

"Unmissable...stunning documentary...a real life story that touches our hearts" - The Plus Ones, Sydney, Australia

"A beautiful opportunity to go off-the-grid vicariously”- Hollywood Reporter, USA

"Near Perfection. The images cast a spell and so does the story" - The Georgia Straight

"5/5 STARS - Timely and Inspiring" - Times Colonist
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