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The Delicate Sound of Michael Cohen Being Ground to Bits by the Bus

The Knell of Doom for 45's associates is for him to diminish their purported role.
By Liam Miller /
Apr 26, 2018
The Delicate Sound of Michael Cohen Being Ground to Bits by the Bus
By (Trump executive Michael Cohen 011) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Michael Cohen, 45's longtime lawyer-fixer and allegedly shady business partner,  announced he’d be pleading the Fifth in the Stormy Daniels case because of ongoing FBI criminal investigation. That investigation saw recent raids on his home, office, and hotel room. Note that the Fifth Constitutional Amendment asserts an individual’s right not to incriminate themselves. It’s not an admission of guilt; but then again, it's not something you do because you have nothing to hide. 45 pointed this out himself about taking the Fifth some time ago, and in stronger terms; not that that particular piece of information is likely to make it into every back-eddy of the news or “news” cycle.

45, for his part, now says Michael Cohen had very little to do with him, and handled only a "tiny, tiny fraction" of his legal work. He seems now to say that that Cohen is more businessman than lawyer. Very interesting in light of Cohen’s assertion that he’d “take a bullet” for him; and in light of recent reporting about Cohen’s particular business relationships. And when I say “interesting”, I mean, “complete horseshit.”

But this has nothing to do with the facts of the case; and everything to do with a frightened person distancing themselves from other people who are about to be seen quite publicly as very, very guilty. When 45 claims someone played a limited role, or that he barely knew them, it's a pretty sure sign that things are about to get very ugly for that person (if they haven't already). It should probably go without saying that it also means that person’s role was probably pretty significant.

So, Mr. Cohen – how do you take your bullets? Or has your taste for them suddenly and inexplicably* changed?




*In fact quite explicably

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