Articles by Liam Miller
The Last Chance to Save SCOTUS, and RBG's Legacy
Liam Miller · The Senate has scheduled a vote for this Friday, October 23rd. If we the people want to stop Barrett's confirmation, now is the time; and here are two ways to do it.
The Delicate Sound of Michael Cohen Being Ground to Bits by the Bus
Liam Miller · The Knell of Doom for 45's associates is for him to diminish their purported role.
The Uncurious, Continuing, Stubborn Refusal to Grasp Bernie Sanders
Liam Miller · The Democratic establishment and those in the media who support them keep making the same mistakes on Sanders and his movement.
Rep. Sensenbrenner (R-WI 5Th) Says No One Has to Use the Internet; What He Means Is, He Doesn't Use It
Liam Miller · Sensenbrenner doesn't use or understand the internet; and he shouldn't be one of the people deciding how the rest of us do.
Gorsuch Deserves Zero Props for Failing to Stand up for the Judiciary
Liam Miller · The media are alive with the he-tweeted, she-tweeted of Gorsuch's purported behind-closed-doors criticism of Trump. But he should not be praised for pretending to have a spine.
Deconstructing an Example of Establishment Media Reportage: the Boston Globe Publishes Not-So Subtle Hit Piece on Sanders and Warren
Liam Miller · Couched in establishment lingo and perspective, relying upon shallow but credible-seeming misinformation, the Boston Globe reveals itself to be no ally of the people or the revolution.
The Day After
Liam Miller · Or, how to stop worrying and love staving off the dystopian nightmare that threatens.
How to Stop Worrying and Enjoy the Show; Or, Holding HRC's Feet to the Fire
Liam Miller · There's a simple solution: it's called the future.
A Perfect Symbol of Media Capture: DWS Booed, MSNBC Caption Says “Cheered”
Liam Miller · Monday morning saw Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former DNC chair, booed offstage at the Florida Democratic Delegation Breakfast; while it was transpiring, MSNBC's caption read that she was being cheered. A concise example of establishment...
L.A. Voting Official Opens Door for Approximately 580,000 More Independent Californians’ Votes to Be Counted
Liam Miller · Almost 600,000 previously disenfranchised independent voters in California may have their votes counted, after all.
Bernie Sanders Calls on His Supporters to Run for Office
Liam Miller · During his June 16th national livestream address Sanders called on his supporters to run for local, state, and national offices, to continue the "process of transforming America".
Thoughts on the Revolution, June 16, 2016
Liam Miller · Time to dig deep, dig in, and double down
HRC Is Not the Nominee
Liam Miller · Superdelegates don't vote until July; but the media can try to influence the election every damned day of the week.
Trump Turned Down the Debate for Fear of a Sanders Nomination
Liam Miller · Trump recently waffled about debating Sanders; he said he would for $10M to charity. He must not have expected the money to materialize. It did; and he bailed. But why? It would only weaken Clinton – which, as the presumptive nominee...
Obama Throws Ancient Greek Shade at Clinton During White House Correspondents' Dinner
Liam Miller · In a moment the media missed or chose to ignore, Obama used classical reference to make a point.
Sanders Supporters Need to Engage Now More Than Ever
Liam Miller · Simply put: if Sanders arrives at the convention with more pledged delegates than Clinton, the Democratic Party will be forced to nominate him. Right now, it is clear that neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton will get enough...
Bernie Sanders Has a Clear Path to Victory -- Provided His Supporters Don't Falter