Mar 31, 2020

Thanks to Our Patreon Supporters, We Hit Our 2nd Major Funding Goal!

By Tim Hjersted /
Thanks to Our Patreon Supporters, We Hit Our 2nd Major Funding Goal!

My friends, this is huge! Thank you so much for making this happen.

Hitting our $2400/mo goal ensures that Films For Action will remain strong and financially secure for years to come.

What is most incredible to me is that the last few hundred dollars of support was pledged in just the last two weeks.

People are facing uncertainty of all kinds - when what matters and what doesn't matter truly comes in to focus - and we've seen support for Films For Action surge, not decline. It has been truly humbling to see.

14 years after creating this project with a few friends, I remain deeply honored to be able to serve the vision of "a more beautiful world" through Films For Action.

With all my gratitude,

Tim Hjersted

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