Nov 1, 2022

Twenty Media Education Foundation Documentaries Are Coming to Films For Action!

By Tim Hjersted and Films For Action /
Twenty Media Education Foundation Documentaries Are Coming to Films For Action!

Hi all. I'm thrilled to announce a new partnership with the legendary nonprofit film studio, the Media Education Foundation.

Watching several MEF films in my early twenties had a huge impact on my formative years and played an inspirational role in founding Films For Action. They quite honestly have a ton of the best 'films for action' that have ever been made in their extensive catalog

In many cases, depending on the topic, their films are either "best in class" or there's no other documentary that covers it. Cultivating excellent media literacy skills is the thread that runs through every film, and I just can't express how stoked we are to be able to offer twenty of their films to our Patron supporters

Can you tell I'm a fan? Haha.

To kick things off, we have five films ready for viewing: 


I'll be adding the rest over the next two weeks.

To view all our Patron Films, just use the Explore menu and click Patron Films, under categories.

Note for Teachers:
Our Patron Films have been licensed for home use only, so if you'd like to use any of them in a classroom setting, please purchase a license via the License button on each film's page. Alternatively, students can watch the films at home if they each purchase a $5 subscription for at least one month. We won't be offended if students just subscribe for one month but perhaps they'll find it of value beyond school! That's our aim.

Since this request is on the honor system, we'll just add that for MEF and many of the distributors we work with, educational sales are the primary way they fund new films and sustain their efforts, so it really makes a difference. 

If cost is an issue, MEF offers discounts for community colleges, high schools, nonprofits/NGOs, individual educators/teachers, and others. Simply create an account and log in to see these special discounts or send them a message.

Thanks so much! If all goes well and this partnership has a neutral or positive impact on educational sales, we'll be able to add more MEF films to our Patron library next year.

Tim Hjersted
Films For Action Director

PS: Not a Patron yet? You can subscribe here.

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