Gallery: Haunting Photos of Environmental Destruction
By Elizabeth Jacobs /
Feb 23, 2014

Edward Burtynsky finds the eerie beauty in the man-made landscapes that dot our Earth’s surface. As a photographer who focuses on the relationship between humans and nature, he travels to the hidden corners of the Earth to document the way people are ravaging our planet. Below, 13 of his haunting images of altered nature. All images shown courtesy of the photographer.

“Densified Oil Filters #1,” Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1997.

“Ferrous Bushling #9,” Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1997.

“Densified Oil Drums #4,” Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, 1997.

“Nickel Tailings #31,” Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, 1996.

“Nickel Tailings #34,” Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, 1996.

“Rock of Ages #25,” Abandoned Section, Adam-Pirie Quarry, Barre, Vermont, USA, 1991.

“Rock of Ages #26,” Abandoned Section, E.L. Smith Quarry, Barre, Vermont, USA, 1991.

“Iberia Quarries #8,” Cochicho Company, Pardais, Portugal, 2006.

“Silver Lake Operations #1,” Lake Lefroy, Western Australia, 2007.

“Silver Lake Operations #2,” Lake Lefroy, Western Australia, 2007.

“Silver Lake Operations #12,” Lake Lefroy, Western Australia, 2007.

“Silver Lake Operations #16,” Lake Lefroy, Western Australia, 2007.

“Super Pit #4,” Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, 2007.

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Gallery: Haunting Photos of Environmental Destruction