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Films For Action — A Social Change-Oriented Alternative to Medium

By Films For Action /
Jun 3, 2017
Films For Action — A Social Change-Oriented Alternative to Medium

Films For Action is a library for all the best social change films on the internet, cataloged in one place. But because there is so much to cover, and films can’t cover it all — we also curate a ton of articles too.

So this is our invitation to all of the social change writers on Medium or other similar platforms to make Films For Action a first or second home for your writings.

Films For Action is community-powered. We have 2 staff to help curate content, but a large number of additions to the site come directly from our members. Like Medium, anyone can create an account and submit articles or videos.

Because spammers started to love us a little too much last year, we now manually approve each submission from new members to verify the submission isn’t spam (which we consider any content with commercial links included or written to farm back-links). But after some of your submissions get rated highly and you get some site rep, your submissions will be automatically approved.

Add articles:
Add videos:

Create a cool list using content from the site that you can add to your articles (on or off-site):

We used our list creator to make our Top 100 Documentaries That Can Change The World feature, and we’d love to see what other people can create with it.

Here’s our guide to adding content, with tips on the kinds of content we love to share out to our 880,000 friends on Facebook.

Films For Action is building a people-powered network for changing the world. In the past, we relied on the corporate media to tell our stories and represent us and our movements. We relied on them to be the voice of planetary and human concerns, and in that mission they have failed, again and again, year after year. Traditionally, protest has been used to raise awareness of an issue that society, government or the media was ignoring — it was intended to reach the ears of a corporate media that would not listen or tell our stories without staging a ruckus. But over time, even well-organized protests frequently failed to generate the media exposure they deserved.

Observing this, our strategy is to sidestep our dependence on the corporate media altogether by doing their job ourselves. Films For Action is about reclaiming the power of the media and bringing it under the people’s control. We create our own media and tell our own stories, and we use social media to share and broadcast our messages out to millions of people. So long as the internet remains free, we can do it ourselves — from creation to distribution, we can make the old corporate media giants obsolete.

Join us!

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