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Adding Content Guide


We want Films For Action to be a go-to destination for the knowledge and perspectives essential to creating a more just, sustainable and beautiful world.


Submit content that:

  • Has a long shelf-life - aka "evergreen" content - containing information that will remain relevant and useful for people browsing the site months or ideally years later. 
  • Inspires people to take action
  • Will be relevant to an international audience (it's not required but it's nice, as we get visitors from all over the world)
  • Focuses on the root problems or the root solutions
  • Avoids unnecessary antagonism, over-the-top or in-your-face emotional appeals, fear-mongering, hype, etc
  • Expands our ability to experience universal empathy and compassion for all people and the planet and avoids appeals that reinforce artificial divisions (including nationality, political affiliation, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, immigrant status, etc)​


You can browse our most viewed content and highest rated content if you'd like some examples.

To filter out spam, we manually approve all new member submissions

But after a few of your submissions have been rated well by our members or staff, your submissions will automatically be approved and ready for sharing. 

Don't ask your friends to rate your submissions...

...or create dummy-accounts to up-vote your submissions. Let our community rate content organically. Users that skew the rating system risk getting their posting privileges removed.


After your submission is approved, share it!

The best way to see your submission featured is to 'test it in the wild" by sharing it on social media (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest etc). If it gets a lot of shares and views, it will naturally show up in our "trending" section on the homepage and on every content page. 


We'll share the best submissions on our Facebook page and other social media!

As always, thank you for contributing! It'd be impossible to discover, review, and add all of the amazing videos out there to the site ourselves (not to mention articles!). We rely on the community to make this library as good as it is!