Why This Gives Me Hope for the Future


Why Solarpunk gives me hope for the future.

Check out Saint Andrewism's new solarpunk video in Part 2 above. 

"In this Our Changing Climate climate change video essay, I look at why solarpunk gives me hope for the future in a world ravaged by climate change and climate chaos. Specifically, I answer the question, what is solarpunk? As well as propose tangible solarpunk solutions like solar cookers and solar ovens, makerspaces, and 21st-century zero-carbon airships.

Solarpunk presents a vision of the world that is simultaneously hopeful and worth fighting for. Solarpunk envisions a more just future that incorporates leftist liberatory ideologies into a world that has successfully established a world that is both human-centric and nature-centric. As a result, solarpunk stands in stark opposition to the current capitalist profit-centric world we live in.

Solarpunk gives us art, dreams, and culture that are worth fighting for, and it grounds that future in the tools and technology already available."

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