Whoa Canada (2015)

“Whoa Canada” is about Canada’s surveillance programs in an era of climate change. We’ve interviewed some of the countries leading experts and people who have actually been wrongfully targeted by this surveillance and intimidation. Together with members of the SHD community we’ve also taken direct action multiple times to confront Canada’s spy agencies at their own headquarters.

“Whoa Canada” has been two years in the making and was crowdfunded by 584 SHD supporters across the country. We were honoured to have The Yes Men and Mark Achbar (The Corporation, Manufacturing Consent) as Executive Producers on this project. 

Now the documentary is ready. We are confident it is a timely piece for the final week of this election. We’ve turned years of video content and research into a thorough documentary that can also be shared as a series of viral videos. This innovative blend of targeted online content and disruptive direct action will expose and diffuse the government’s fear-mongering in the lead up to voting day, October 19.

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