They Call Us Criminals (trailer)

This upcoming documentary aims to expose the reality of the animals suffering within industries that exploit them, as well as showcase the work of Animal Rights activists in Canada. All while debunking the idea that activists are extremists, criminals and terrorists. The documentary is based on the story and work of Shay, an Animal Rights activist, documentary photographer and farm investigator. Shay is committed to fighting for Animal Liberation, and is pursuing this quest in Canada (Ontario and Quebec).

Like any group successfully trying to get their demands heard, Shay and her fellow activists, like many others, find themselves caught up in the alarming criminalization of Animal Rights activists. The tension is palpable between the many anti-speciesist groups who are fighting to save animals and industries that continue to exploit and oppress them. Like some of the activists interviewed in this documentary, Shay is facing charges and prison time while fighting the unjust laws of the Canadian legal system. It is through Shay’s story that we will navigate the current world of defending and saving animals.
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