The Great Realisation


A bedtime story of how it started, and why hindsight’s 2020 🛌 🧸 by Probably Tomfoolery.


The story behind ‘The Great Realisation,’ a post-pandemic bedtime tale that has captured the hearts of millions:

A: If you decide to believe that the world outside your window isn’t going to get better, I think the world outside your window will support your theory completely. On the other hand, if you decide to believe that potentially things could get better, you can start to make that happen, first on an individual level and among your family. If enough people did that, the change would ripple out exponentially.

Q: Your story has a happy ending. How realistic do you think it is — or are happy endings just for stories?

A: We are living in a never-ending story, aren’t we? This life thing we’re all playing out — we’re not really going to close the book. It’s all just twists and turns. There are periods where it feels like the evil forces are surrounding you and coming at you from all sides, and then there are moments of light in the darkness. If you ask me what I thought, we are edging as a species toward improvement, and it’s not like a smooth line, it goes up and down — a bit like a stock price. A happy ending? I feel like there is no ending, but there are happy things.

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