Swine (2016)


Resistance has arrived - the world's most destructive industry has a secret it doesn't want you to know about, Jack Tomlins goes undercover to reveal the truth.

Will he survive?



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Created, Produced and Written by 
Robbie Lockie & Damien Clarkson

Dramatisation Sequence directed by
Remy Archer

Documentary edited by
Lewis Noll & Robbie Lockie

Executive producers
Timothy Graham Shieff
Juliet Gellatley
Melanie Light

Production Assistant
Tom Gaskin

Graphic Designer & Art Director
Robbie Lockie

Motion Graphics 
Byrone Lehmann

Sound Design
Robbie Lockie

PR & Press
Damien Clarkson

Behind the Scenes Photography
Jasper Wilkins

Press Launch and Events
Judy Nadel

With special thanks to brilliant people who have supported us 

Gregg Lowe,, Lewis Noll, Judy Nadel, James Light, Dan Howe (PETA) Kerry ‘McCarpet’ McCarthy, Maria ‘vegan life’ Chiorando, Paul ‘Hench Herbivore’ Kerton, Michael Goodchild (The Vegan Activist), Ed ‘The Earthling’ Watkins, Luna Woods, Jamie “not your your milk” Paton, Anneka Svenska, Klaus ‘In the Greenhouse” Mitchell, Nicholas Jones, Emma ‘barefoot vegan’ Letessier, Luke & Andrew from Ecostorm & The Guardian Investigations team.

Video Credits
VIVA! Investigations

Additional Video Credits
LUCENT - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KArL5... Award Winning Documentary on Factory Farming
PETA - Investigative Footage on UK Farms

Music featured in this video: 
µ-Ziq – Grape Nut Beats Pt.1
Moby [Licensed and Approved]

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