South African Students Grow Veggies to Feed the Local Children

It all started, in part, with Thomas Chevallier growing his own organic veggies and realizing the benefits of following a system that reflects the natural world, not only in the healthy food that was being produced, but the lesson of everything's inter connectivity.

If anyone would like to donate to this cause and assist these students in expanding their project and enhancing the impact their project has at the informal settlement in Stellenbosch, please visit the Sustainable Brothers Indiegogo page: It would be greatly appreciated!


More About the Project: 

The Sustainable Brothers is a student-based community-driven organization that consists of individuals from a diverse range of educational faculties such as sustainability, business science, law, the natural sciences and engineering. Despite their diverse range of expertise, they believe in collaborating with one another to achieve their common goal of promoting a sustainable ethos, acting on this way of life by implementing beneficial solutions to combatting the crises that have negative impacts on our planet and affect us all.

The Sustainable Brothers aim to raise awareness of the problems that persist in our current world, and provide innovative and practical solutions to combatting these problems, focusing on collaboration rather than competiveness in bringing about success in their projects.

Their biggest project to date is what they like to call their ‘Secret Garden’, a two-acre student house in the heart of Stellenbosch. They have turned this unproductive piece of land into a productive organic farm from which all organic produce has been donated to the local children at a creche in the informal settlement in Stellenbosch, Kyamandi.
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