Shame On Austria 2013 - Persecution of Animal Rights activists and NGOs in Austria


In June 2013 the Higher Regional Court of Vienna concluded in their verdict that what many consider essential NGO work is criminal coercion, with a penalty of up to 5 years in prison. This video gives a short recap on what happened the last few years leading up to the appeal, including international protests against the repression and a peek at 2 of the defendants (Sabine Koch and Felix Hnat) and their situation. Thanks for watching!


Here are some continuative links:

International website with information about everything surrounding the trial in English: (english - under construction, will go online in August 2013, see for a few english news items on the case by the NGO VGT until then)

Contact email for additional information: tba

German website on the trial: (german)

Wikipedia article on the trial: (german)

Websites of persecuted NGOs:
BAT: (german)
VGÖ: (german)
VGT: (german and english)

The Complete Higher Regional Court of Vienna appeal verdict: (german)

Amnesty International Statement: (german)

Documentary 'Der Prozess' ('The Trial'): (under construction)
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