The Profound Importance of Rites of Passage: Mentoring the Future


If we do not initiate the young they will burn down the village to feel the heat. - African Proverb

The villages are burning.  Worldwide. An estimated $500 billion is spent yearly on teen dysfunctions in the U.S. alone: drug and alcohol abuse, teen pregnancy and STDs, school dropouts and expulsions, gang and property crimes, traffic accidents, ADD, ADHD, depression and violence...  Culturally appropriate rites of passage and mentorship programs could help solve all these problems!  It could be the silver bullet for youth development.

Warrior Films has built the tools to assist people in devising solutions:

  • We have written six world class curricula:
    • for high schools
    • for colleges and universities
    • for therapists, counselors, and social workers
    • for parents
    • for faith-based institutions
    • for youth development and community groups

And we’re giving it all away because time is too pressing and the need too great! 

Learn more about Warrior Films and Rites of Passage at:

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