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Making Sanctuary: Is There a Solution for Climate Change?: Bayo Akomolafe

4.5 ·

In this talk connecting Yoruba indigenous philosophies, historical accounts of transatlantic slave crossings, new materialist/feminist insights, Bohr’s scientific theory of quantum indeterminacy, Deleuze’s musings about ‘assemblages’ and ‘rhizomes’, and contemporary concerns with climate activism, Bayo poses a jarring question:

what if the ways we think about the climate crisis is the crisis?

More to the point, what if the feverish quest for ‘solutions’ (which characterizes climate justice movements today) is getting in the way of radical transformation?

Thinking with concepts that valorise a nondual, relational universe, Bayo Akomolafe finds within a re-reading of the Middle Age practice of “claiming sanctuary” an urgent invitation to notice climate change as the deconstruction of the human, and to approach demise and dying as abundant fields of surprise.

Making sanctuary is a call to shapeshift, a call to embark on katabasic quests to impossible depths. A call to die well.

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