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Let's Talk More - Together, we can end loneliness

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Comedian Andy Parsons spent a day in a shopping centre encouraging people to get off their smartphones and have a chat. Secret cameras captured the moment surprised shoppers were approached by Andy.

Loneliness and isolation are on the rise, with nine million lonely people in the UK. Over half of British adults feel it’s been a long time since they made a connection or a new friend.

Almost half (49%) of UK adults say that their busy lives stop them from connecting with other people.

But we can all do something to tackle loneliness. And it’s incredibly simple.

Small moments of connection, like saying hello to someone in your local shopping centre or smiling at someone on the bus, are an important way to tackle loneliness and can make a huge difference to someone’s day.

We have launched the Let’s Talk More video to encourage people to make these small moments of connection happen. Small moments can make a huge difference.

For many people who are isolated and alone, that small moment of connection could be the first conversation they’ve had in weeks.

Conversation and connection are good for us. Let’s celebrate the art of small talk and have a good natter. Let’s Talk More. Let’s Be More Us.