Let’s Replace Cancel Culture with Accountability | Sonya Renee Taylor


Sonya explores the impact of calling out and calling in people who have caused harm. She offers us a third alternative - “calling on”. We often think that discerning someone’s intent is instinctual when it is just not the case. Sonya proposes that those who are the source of suffering, in any given interaction, should bear the responsibility for managing their own change and transformation.

Taylor offers "calling on" as a method for naming harm and allowing each of us to carve our own pathway toward ACCOUNTABILITY and RESPONSIBILITY for our education and change.

Award-winning performance poet, activist and educator, Sonya Renee Taylor believes in the power of art to inspire social change and equity. She is the creator of The Body is Not An Apology - a media company promoting self-love and body empowerment. In 2016, she was named Champion of Women’s Health by Planned Parenthood. 

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