LA MONTAÑA | Official Trailer | Exile Content Studio (2023) (trailer)

Inspired by the sentiment that in order to change the world, we must first change the way we look at it, filmmaker Diego Enrique Osorno captures the story of a small group of indigenous members of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (EZLN), who boarded a vessel from Mexico to Europe. Embarking on their historic journey in the midst of the pandemic, the trip marked 500 years since the conquest of Mexico, captured from the Aztecs by Spaniards and their allies.

Squad 421 and their crew set out on a quest to build partnerships in Europe and fight for a better world, extending the ambitions of those who came before them. Not only following their arduous journey, La montaña delves into the history of the Zapatista movement, combining daily life on board with voice-overs as diary entries, and archival footage of rural EZLN training camps and demonstrations. The crew on board develop camaraderie, learning from each other as they discuss their personal and collective ideologies and observations of contemporary society.

A compelling, powerful documentary about decolonisation and anti-neoliberalism, the Zapatista delegation mark their journey across the Atlantic not only as conquistadors of the past, but also with hope for the future, planting a seed of life and struggle in Europe.

Exile Content Studio and Detective’s new documentary feature, “La Montaña,” directed by Mexican filmmaker and award-winning journalist, Diego Enrique Osorno, premiered January 29 at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. The film was produced by Sandra Godinez, Vivi Gonzalez and Exile’s Head of Production Arturo Sampson, for Exile along with Osorno’s own production company, Detective, and Expansión Film.

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