Inspired by Bees (2019)



A Free Improvisation by Four Musicians in Five Movements:

I: Discovery / Co-operation

II: Romance / Interdependence

III: Requiem / Destruction

IV: Reverberations / Resurrection

V: Hope / Rejuvenation



There is no doubt Bees are a remarkable species. Their ability to co-operate, their industriousness, their incredible communication skills, are but a few qualities in which us humans can find inspiration. Improvising musicians require these very same abilities to create meaning, and beauty, in their expressions. Inspired by Bees is a project that attempts to cross-correlate, cross-fertilize, some of these bee-haviours we have in common. The recording took place in a pub in Nahořany, a village in Bohemian Czech, within a ‘hive’ installation created by Kateřina Hadravová and Jono Heyes. The resulting music traverses five movements, or emotional states:

I: Discovery / Co-operation 00:30

The initial foray in a free improvisation often manifests in a tentative exploration as the participants carefully introduce themselves within a group situation.


II: Romance / Interdependence 04:02

As familiarity grows we can expect more openness and intimacy, a warmth surrounding our new-found inter-dependence.


III: Requiem / Destruction 06:20

This increasing group awareness, sensitivity and trust may allow darker aspects to come forth.


IV: Reverberations / Resurrection 07:52

Even out of the most devastating destruction new potential for life can arise, often in unexpected new forms.


V: Hope / Rejuvenation 12:49

Ever the optimists, many musicians are advocates for a better world - the belief that positive and respectful collaborations can provide us not only with hope, but inspire us to take actions that make a difference. A universal sense of bee-longing!



It is widely understood that bees are endangered, and also that our existence as humans is dependent on their survival. We hope this short film contributes in some way toward the preservation of these wondrous creatures. - Trevor Coleman -



Jono Heyes - Vocals & Guitars Anna Štěpánová - Vocals & Violin Trevor Coleman - Keyboards & Trumpet Petr Tichy - Contrabass Camera: Klara Belicova Trevor Coleman

Sound engineer: Kamil Danda

Bee Footage: NUkiwi ( Ro EB ( Creative Commons (

Special thanks: Kateřina Hadravová Petra Jiroušková Beata Bocek Ika Peuckert

Concept, Video and Sound Editor: Trevor Coleman

for more music & films by Trevor Coleman:

for more music & films by Jono Heyes & Mama Yeva:

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