Diet: The Disease of Our Generation

64% of people in the UK are overweight or obese eating calorie dense but nutritionally empty food that is considered the norm,  or even healthy, in today’s society. 

People who want to change don’t know where to start and are bombarded with toxic information from the diet industry which is built on the premise that you need something to loose weight; slimming milkshakes, slimming soups, diet pills, breakfast biscuits, chocolate bars even slimming patches, but it isn’t just the diet industry that’s at fault… 

As professor Iain Broom director of the centre for obesity research and education at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen put it; 

“One of the biggest problems in dealing with obesity is the food industry and indeed the wrong approach taken by Government who recommend the amount of carbohydrate in the “healthy” diet be >50% of energy intake. This has been in vogue since the 1970’s and may in fact have been the cause of the current obesity and diabetes epidemics.” 

On the NHS advisory body Nice’s guidance to triple weight loss surgeries he said;

"The Nice guidance could send tens of thousands of Britons towards unnecessary surgery, with its known morbidity and mortality, and costing taxpayers many millions of pounds, when all that is required is a different dietary and lifestyle approach including the use of low carbohydrate diets and low calorie diets,”

So in an obese but malnourished world full of toxic information and nutrition-less food how do you do you begin to change?

Filmmaker Gareth Bowler lost 10 stone in 2013 and in 2014 approached Performance Nutritionist Ben Coomber to make ‘Diet: The Disease of our Generation’ a 5 minute documentary that they hope will be a catalyst for change in peoples lives.

"a simple but powerful message" - Elliot Hulse

"This is awesome’ - James Haskell, England Rugby Player

"Great video, a very powerful message" - Clare Farrand, International Programme Lead - World Action on Salt and Health

"This film has it completely correct" - Prod Iain Broom, Director of the Centre for Obesity Research and Education at Robert Gordon University Aberdeen.

"very inspirational" -

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