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How To Occupy The Noosphere: Ian MacKenzie @ TEDxVictoria 2013
Ian MacKenzie An ardent filmmaker and media activist, Ian MacKenzie is dedicated to capturing and sharing glimpses of emerging human paradigms. MacKenzie's most recent film, Occupy Love, explores the growing realization that the dominant systems of power are failing to...
Buddhist Economics: How to Stop Prioritizing Consumption Over People and Creativity
“Work and leisure are complementary parts of the same living process and cannot be separated without destroying the joy of work and the bliss of leisure.”
Artist Aims to Help Us Stop Buying Things You Don't Really Need
Instead of buying the items she coveted, this artist made paintings of them. Here’s what she learned after a year of not shopping.
Money, Banking And The Federal Reserve
Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson understood "The Monster". But to most Americans today, Federal Reserve is just a name on the dollar bill. They have no idea of what the central bank does to the economy, or to their own economic lives; of how and why it was founded and...
Guaranteed Income? How About Guaranteed Job?
Pavlina Tcherneva discusses her plan for a job guarantee program to reduce American unemployment. 
Money makes the world go round … and sometimes brings it to a shuddering halt.
‘Free-market’ economics has been dominant for a generation and what is the result? The world economy is in crisis, the banks are casinos for the super-rich, public services are being sold to profiteers and the gap between rich and poor has become a chasm. A new economics is...
Animals Embody "Human Exclusive" Emotions
A video about animals embodying once thought human exclusive emotions like love, grief, happiness, joy and anger. We grant them way too little in their capacity to feel. This video nicely refutes and challenges common misconceptions that humans are unique in their diversity...
We Do Have a Purpose
"To be born with the capacity to not worry about your basic needs is often misunderstood by not having to defend any injustices. To live in this bubble is a poor excuse to permit aggression to the less fortunate and that is a current reality."
Thrive: The Story is Wrong but the Spirit is Right
"What is keeping us from thriving?" asks the new movie, Thrive. The answer it gives is "the global elite," the people who control the financial system that in turn controls everything else. Operating through the power institutions of our society, this elite pursues a...
Occupy Love
Join acclaimed director Velcrow Ripper on a journey deep inside the global revolution of the heart that is erupting around the planet. Humanity is waking up to the fact that the dominant system of power is failing to provide us with health, happiness or meaning. The resulting...
Dada Krsnasevananda on "The Role of Spirituality in Modern Society"
"Imagine what it would be like if, instead of branding us by our brains or looks, our schools and televisions described the divinity and greatness inside each one of us, and taught us the means to realize it. If, instead of idolizing wealth and fame, showed us the usefulness...
Shop 'Til You Drop: The Crisis Of Consumerism
Are we too materialistic? Are we willfully trashing the planet in our pursuit of things? And what's the source of all this frenetic consumer energy and desire anyway? In a fast-paced tour of the ecological and psychological terrain of American consumer culture, Shop 'Til You...
The Psychological Case Against Materialism
Love of stuff will make you unhappy: You know this, and in case you forget, there is probably, somewhere, some version of A Christmas Carol playing on television right now to remind you. But in a release from the American Psychological Association, psychology professor Tim...
The World's Happiest People Already Have a Green New Deal, and They Love It
Green New Deal advocates in the United States should look to the Nordic countries for inspiration on how to overcome the 1 percent and address climate change.
This country isn't just carbon neutral — it's carbon negative | Tshering Tobgay
Deep in the Himalayas, on the border between China and India, lies the Kingdom of Bhutan, which has pledged to remain carbon neutral for all time. In this illuminating talk, Bhutan's Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay shares his country's mission to put happiness before economic...
Sooner or Later, We Have to Stop Economic Growth — and We’ll Be Better for It
The end of growth will come one day, perhaps very soon, whether we’re ready or not. If we plan for and manage it, we could well wind up with greater well-being.
5 Simple Office Policies That Make Danish Workers Way More Happy Than Americans
Americans think it's normal to hate their jobs. Let us introduce you to the Danish concept of arbejdsglæde. It means happiness at work. Here's how Danish offices make sure it's happening.
Commercialisation: The Antithesis of Sharing
The danger is not commercialisation per se but our constant identification with its inner and outer manifestation, in which humanity’s intelligence is led in the opposite direction from nature and spiritual evolution. What is evil, anyway, if not our identification with...
The Pursuit of Happiness: A New Development Paradigm
During the 15 years, I lived and worked in Asia as a development professional from 1978 to 1992, I witness a troubling paradox. GDP was growing, incomes were rising, there was an expanding middle class, and a few people were getting fabulously rich. Development seemed to be...
We Need a Revolution; It Starts with Falling in Love with Earth
This beautiful, bounteous, life-giving planet we call Earth has given birth to each one of us, and each one of us carries the Earth within every cell of our body.
Cut the Working Week to a Maximum of 20 Hours, Urge Top Economists
Job sharing and increased leisure are the answer to rising unemployment, claims thinktank
Emotional Resilience
Have you ever felt yourself a slave to a particular feeling, unable to get beyond a negative emotional state, even when you try to? Why does this happen? How can we gain control over our emotions so as to lead happier and more productive lives? The inner personality of a...
'Leap' is a feature documentary about the possibility and process of upgrading your thoughtware: what it takes, how it goes. 'Leap' follows the lives of 5 people from different walks of life as they take a leap of faith and transform their lives through the power of...
Serotonin Rising
The path to happiness and health begins with compassion. Try telling that to TV journalist Mike Wilson, who only believes in one thing – Mike Wilson. But when rookie reporter Katie Dawkins uncovers new and intriguing medical research, Mike must dig deep into his past and...
For a Healthy Future
Despite India's rapid economic growth, child malnutrition rates have not witnessed big improvements. As part of its CSR efforts, the Tata group, through Tata Motors, partnered with grass root organisations to try and address malnutrition which damages the physical and...
Killing the Things We Love
The increasingly unscrupulous propaganda machine of radical corporate capitalism is warping our humanity and driving us to destroy what is closest to our hearts, says clinical psychologist John F Schumaker. The last hope of defeating this evil might lie in the strategic use...
Choosing and Practicing Happiness: Handling Negative Emotions
Being truly happy isn't some gift or new toy you're given (though many people confuse the two). It's not the moment all your perceived negatives are resolved, nor a state of perpetually chasing fading thrills. Like anything in life, happiness is a skill that grows only when...
Doing Good Feels Good
Action for Happiness is a movement for positive social change. We're bringing together people from all walks of life who want to play a part in creating a happier society for everyone. For fifty years we've aimed relentlessly at higher incomes. But despite being much...
Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed (The Real Reason For The Forty-Hour Workweek)
Well I’m in the working world again. I’ve found myself a well-paying gig in the engineering industry, and life finally feels like it’s returning to normal after my nine months of traveling.
Do You Deserve To Be Happy
Many people believe in the power of positive thinking but personally I believe it’s overrated and is not enough to create a fundamental and lasting change in someone. In this video I share my passion/frustration at the way in which people expect to be
Why Children Protest Going to School
Most children in our society protest going to school. Am I telling you something new? 
Bringing Anxiety to the Light!
In the depths of Our being, there is so much Greatness, that it is sometimes very hard to entertain the notion that the expression of this Greatness, can sometimes be scrutinized and seen as insufficient by the standards of others. This becomes Our concern during the state...
Are We Trained In Unhappiness?
A heavily consumer-based culture requires an element of dissatisfaction in the people. It also requires fear. When people are not happy, they tend to look for something to fix it. To fix it, they usually look for an external solution, like a new purchase or a new experience...
Global Capitalism: February 2015 Monthly Update
Monthly Economic Update Co-sponsored by Democracy at Work, Left Forum, and Judson Memorial Church Richard D. Wolff Wednesday, January 14, 2015 at 7:30pm "The Economics of a New Year" Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall 239 Thompson Street at Washington Square, Manhattan...
10 Reasons That Eco-Conscious People Are Happier and Live More Enjoyable Lives
An increasing foundation of scientific research shows a significant linkage between personal well being and environmental knowledge, attitudes and behaviours. This is not coincidence; it is a profound truth of crucial importance in the quest to create sustainable societies...
Beauty in Darkness
Beauty in Darkness is a documentary of four short stories portraying difficult situations that people in Gumaca are suffering from, a typical scenario of a dark reality occurring in different parts of the world.
The High Price of Materialism
Psychologist Tim Kasser discusses how America's culture of consumerism undermines our well-being. When people buy into the ever-present marketing messages that "the good life" is "the goods life," they not only use up Earth's limited resources, but they are less happy and...
George Carlin: We Are A Part of Nature
Sound Clips of George Carlin with a beautiful dance by our fellow earthlings, the birds.
Ghetto Physics
Ghetto Physics: Will the Real Pimps and Ho's Please Stand Up! examines the interplay between Pimps and Ho's and how that dynamic is the simplest expression of how power is wielded in the world. Through examples culled from the Hood to Wall Street, the film shows how the same...
Visualizing a Plenitude Economy: The Secret To Creating Jobs
This fun animation provides a vision of what a post-consumer society could look like, with people working fewer hours and pursuing re-skilling, homesteading, and small-scale enterprises that can help reduce the overall size and impact of the consumer economy. Narrated by...
Dr. Michael Hudson: Economic Lessons for 2020
Despite low unemployment rates and a rising stock market, 3 out of 4 economists are expecting a recession by 2021. We are already facing a #crisisofpoverty and economic precarity, where 140 million people are poor or low-income, the costs of living are going up and the...
A City is Part of the Universe
If we live in a city with little or no 'ecology' around us, where on earth do we start to make an 'ecological' lifestyle? This very short film brings us into the minds of natural farmers in Japan and the United States, discovering how city dwellers can begin to live with more...
We Have Been Groomed to Consume
With Christmas coming up, household consumption will soon hit its yearly peak in many countries. Despite homely pictures of tranquility on mass-produced greeting cards, Christmas is more about frenzied shopping and overspending than peace on earth or quality time with family...
Secret Health with Clive De Carle: The Hidden Answers for Supreme Wellenss
Clive de Carle presents a brief overview of the secrets of being healthy in an age of illness.
People Are Waking Up
People are waking up. They're getting involved. They're saying, "Not another day! This is where I mark the line." Their desire to change the world is turning from simple wishful thinking on Monday mornings into tangible action. The thoughts they used to have only occasionally...
The Four Qualities of True Love | Thich Nhat Hanh
HAPPINESS IS ONLY POSSIBLE WITH TRUE LOVE. True love has the power to heal and transform the situation around us and bring a deep meaning to our lives. There are people who understand the nature of true love and how to generate and nurture it. The teachings on love given by...
The Lessons of Standing Rock
In mid-November of 2016, I was a Water Protector at Standing Rock. At first my goal was to play investigative journalist; documenting then writing about every detail for my article readers and online followers. However, by the time I actually got there, all my goals had changed.
Husbandry: a Reclamation of Men's Responsibility to Care
To stop the economy’s advance towards greed and destruction, we need new metaphors and images that inspire a radically different alternative.
Time for Degrowth: to Save the Planet, We Must Shrink the Economy
What is so refreshing about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is that they recognise the inherent tension between economic development and the ecology of our planet. Or so it seems. The preamble affirms that “planet Earth and its ecosystems are our home” and underscores...
Worshippers of the Almighty Invisible Hand
The fantasies of a faith-based neoliberal economics laid bare
The Brief, Tragic Reign of Consumerism-and the Birth of a Happy Alternative
You and I consume; we are consumers. The global economy is set up to enable us to do what we innately want to do—buy, use, discard, and buy some more. If we do our job well, the economy thrives; if for some reason we fail
How to Shape Economic Policy When We Move Beyond GDP
The day is not far off when the economic problem will take the back seat where it belongs, and the arena of the heart and the head will be occupied or reoccupied, by our real problems – the problems of life and of human relations, of creation and behaviour and...
Big Idea: Ecocity Economics
The ongoing economic crisis that began with the unraveling of wildly inflated real estate prices and the Wall Street derivatives bubble in 2007 and the crash into near depression in October of 2008 resulted in trillions of dollars of public bail out money for banks and...
‘World’s Happiest Man’ Has A Plea: Treat Animals With Compassion
Tibetan Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard is asking for people to be more compassionate toward animals. 
How We Understand the Crisis Is Part of the Crisis
It was something I heard one dissident professor say when I was an undergraduate studying psychology in a Nigerian university. He didn’t quite say it; he whispered it. When the white men came, they brought us schools and the bible, he intoned. And then we gave them our own...
Why Government is More Afraid of Debt than Depression
University of Missouri Kansas City economics professor Michael Hudson compares the behavior of Wall Street to a parasite on the U.S. economy.
Surplus - Terrorized into Being Consumers
Why is the lifestyle of consumerism a source of such rage today? How come the privilege of buying goods does not automatically lead to happiness? Why all this emptiness despite our wealth?
Prout: Economic Democracy in Practice
Economics of Prout covers the basic economic principles of Prout, which offers a viable alternative to the materialistic, anti human philosophies of Capitalism and Communism.
What the Economic Crisis Really Means, and What We Can Do About It
Doing It Ourselves aims to broaden understanding of the debt crisis and peak resources and encourage action for the sake of personal preparedness, happiness and ethical living. This animation sums up the key challenges facing our global society of credit crisis and...
Miss Representation
Miss Representation is a powerful film that exposes damaging, sexist media messages that inhibit young women’s happiness, ambition, and leadership.