Jan 7, 2019

We Did It! - 2018 Fundraising Goal Reached!

By Tim Hjersted / filmsforaction.org
We Did It! - 2018 Fundraising Goal Reached!

Thanks to 251 amazing people, we hit our fundraising goal for 2018! 

We're still pretty astounded, considering half of our goal was met in just the last 2 months. That's incredible! And we can't thank you enough for your support.

The $1000/month we're now receiving gives us a crucial lifeline to keep going while we work towards making Films For Action fully sustainable and financially secure in 2019. 

While we've still got a ways to go, reaching this point in the journey feels truly massive. 

A year ago, we were on the rocks pretty hard financially. A few months prior, our 2nd paid staff member, Andrew, had to find a new job after being with us for 4 years. Our ad-supported model had completely collapsed (from an average $4,000/mo down to $200/mo by the end), and there was no guarantee that switching to a 100% community-funded model would work for us.

That's why the last couple months has been so inspiring to me. You believe in this project. You see the value in what we're doing and want us to succeed.

And that's so meaningful to me. Having invested 12 years into this project, it's felt amazing and humbling to receive your support in such a powerful way.

I'm excited for the year ahead. Being member-supported and ad-free means we're no longer dependent on chasing web traffic to generate revenue, leaving us more free to focus on our core purpose and reason for being.

With love and gratitude,
Tim Hjersted

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