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The End of the Animal Kingdom

By David Cardill /
Sep 15, 2011
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The End of the Animal Kingdom

I wrote this originally in 2010, and, it is based on decades of work by some of our best. Our scientists do not get credence from media.

This graph displays the recorded measurements of the O2, or Oxygen, level of our atmosphere. Unlike the countless tens and tens of thousands of mainscream media source articles and reports on Science, created in well funded think tanks with outcomes pre-determined, this type of data, recorded measurements, is immune to slander, and offers no terms to convince us of its authenticity. This is a recording of the seasonal rise and fall of our Oxygen level, from the years 1990 through 2006. 

As is akin to standard industry practices it matters not the byproduct or localized effects of our industrial practices, this industry will continue, and everyone now knows that there is no freedom of the press, and that banksters run just about everything here on Earth today, though, we are revolting against this now. And all the while, this issue, one which should have never been trumped, carries on. In this case, regarding the free gas in our atmosphere known as Oxygen, it does not matter what the industry needs are, to exist, for, the needs of this industry and the needs of everything inside what is known as The Animal Kingdom, are one in the same when it comes to O2. 

And all the while, the masses of people under the influence of the massive media spin campaigns, do not even know where to set their sights. 

Everyone is on about electric generation, and windmills, and solar panels. Lightbulbs and refrigerators. Coal fired power plants that are (points randomly in any direction) hundreds of miles that way somewhere. And if we look at the rates of oxide production, every chimney in a coal electric generating station emits 3 to 5 cubic metres of oxides per minute, while passenger vehicles emit 7 to 12 cubic metres of oxides, depending on the number of cylinders and total displacement.  

Going on (spurred by the media) about electric generation, while all around you, every day, you can hear them.

Lots of them.

Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) are everywhere around you now, and are used every day in large numbers all around you, just like every other city and country on Earth now, and intenal combustion engines run from fossil fuels. You can hear them whenever they are used, you have no choice, and in spite of this, they are barely ever, if at all, mentioned. These devices, like you, require Oxygen to function, but unlike you and even unlike conventional fire, these devices are hogs. They require much more Oxygen to run than anything around themselves. Where hundreds of conventional candles can share a room with us, not even a small one of these can be brought into even very large rooms and be turned on, for, within minutes they will deplete enough Oxygen from their surroundings to kill everyone in the area.

For the record, in 2010 there were 1 billion registered and plated passenger vehicle cars, all countries combined, and that is just the passenger vehicle cars. What gets used, every day, amounts to billions of ICE's world wide, and is where the bulk of the 100 million barrels of oil that "we" burn every day goes. There are dispensaries (gas stations) and carrying devices (gas cans) all around you. How anyone could come up with fuzzy enough math to somehow have coal and other industries liable for anything near the massive ammount of emissions created by billions of ICE devices is an aspiring target, and yet, they seem to have achieved it, while the emissions from ICE's is hundreds of millions of times that of coal.    

Still though, nobody even seems to have noticed that species, all species insect bird and fish, are now falling faster than days. Birds are falling dead out of the sky in the thousands at a time. Fish are dying by the hundreds of thousands. (fish, like all others in the Animal Kingdom, rely on our atmosphere as their source of Oxygen, and it is through wave action and slow permeation from the atmosphere that O2 makes it into water) Internal combustion engines produce CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO, SO2, HO and H2O2 (a.k.a. exhaust fumes, which, the media only ever refers to as CO2 for some reason) and all of those gasses are rich in O, which stands for Oxygen, and, as fossil fuels are Hydrocarbons with no Oxygen in them, all of the O's required to make these gasses inside the motor, comes from, or rather is taken from, our atmosphere.

We even have a term now in our lexicon called Dead Zones, and they have been increasing in both frequency and severity since being used first in the year 2000. Dead Zones are areas in both water and air that do not contain enough Oxygen to support the life forms in question, and so, they all die, quickly. I can go weeks without food, days without water, and only a matter of seconds (up to 180 seconds?) without a sufficient supply (varies by species, around 19.50% for Humans) of Oxygen. That is how my machine runs, and so does every other creature in the Animal Kingdom. It took The Plant Kingdom billions of years to enrich the atmosphere to roughly a quarter, or 25%, with O2 and enable us and other species to leave the constant power supply of the ground, and only 1 century for the fossil industrial complex to deplete it to the point (19.7218% today, depending on elevation, and falling) where some species (soon to be all) have to now return to The Plant Kingdom, some how. 

Anyway, these are actual readings. There isn't room for interpretation here, as when you measure something, all you are doing is counting it. 

It is my opinion that this is beyond not good. 

Look up 'birds falling from the sky' or 'dead birds falling from the sky' on google or you tube video sites. Do another video search for 'Dead Zones'. Those would be the most important video searches you will ever do. You'll see some stories of fish in there too. Look for the thousands of doves that fell from the sky in Italy. They were all white doves, and because of their colour, you can easily see the blue stains in their dead mouths. Blue stains = Hypoxia, or, lack of Oxygen, as the cause of death. 

This isn't a joke, it is our reality. 

But none in the higher level of our society dare to stand up to the fossil industrial complex. Why? Because they spend inordinant amounts of monies convncing people otherwise, right up to even kill people, to get their way. The only recourse most people have to this, would be to switch anything they have that is powered by a liquid fuel, to another device that does the same thing but is powered by an electric motor; and it would have to be, at this late date, all of them; cars trucks and busses included, all of the things around yourself that use them. If everybody did that, this elemental problem would be solved. Tesla and Einstein were the last publicly displayed victims to these banksters who both spoke similarly in favour of electric motors. There have been more, but never in the public eye. Einstein also said that it is a mistake for us to share our world with devices that, like me, consume Oxygen. And he said that decades ago, after he noticed it was infact falling, because of actual readings taken over various years. The last 15 years of his life, he was greatly concerned for our future, because of this.

Finally, I live in Canada. Every year for the last 10 there has been fewer and fewer insects and birds every year. The Butterfly's are all but gone, amongst many other insect types, too many to name, and most of which I never knew their name to begin with. It is now quiet outside at night. [2011 actually saw some of them come back, and it is not completely silent at night, as it was in 09 and 10, however their nightly song is discordant and most of the pieces of the orchestra are missing, where it used to be very loud every night] Elevation has much to do with this, as O2, with an atomic weight of 16, is a relatively fat heavy gas, and is the most concentrated at the surface. I have friends who live in a coffee growing region of Brasil, up in the mountains, and they don't have any birds or insects anymore.

The canary is not in a coal mine, the canary is on the surface, and, the canary has fallen. 

We will have all of the creatures in the Animal Kingdom, or we will have the fossil industrial complex, but we will not have both.

Further, we no longer have the time needed to switch our transportation sector and every other internal combustion engine in use to electric motors anymore. We need to start producing Oxygen, from water, right now.

I'm so so sorry it has gotten this far, I truly am, but their absolute control over media is the worst thing that has ever happened to the Human race.

And there are two things I'd like to focus on. The solution. 

The first is called electrolysis. That would be just dumping excess electricity, (which, all power production system make, since, big compressors and industrial electrical use have to turn on and off, the power must be there all the time, so, power plants have to over produce their loads, and, that surplus power is just grounded out now to a suitable ground) into water, and therefore creating vast amounts of both Oxygen and Hydrogen which can just be released into the air. The cost to do this is insignificant, and, insignificant to the purpose. Also, with the number of power grids we have globally, we could adjust the current deadly level up to a sustainable 21% in a calendar year or less, if, we all participated. There are power grid groups, and existing affiliations, all over the world who just deal in electrical production, so, it is well within reasonable limits. 

The second is doing a quick inventory and get as many varied species as we can into Oxygen enriched environments, since, their numbers are declining rapidly now and we will out live them.

Existing greenhouses, which we have many of, and many of those are chem free and organic too, can quickly and easily be retrofitted to house insects and birds, and we can freshen the air additionally by releasing Oxygen from O2 tanks (cylinders) which we already have many of, and use in both mfg and health care extensively, and the industry already exists and thrives.

And I'd like to close by saying that everything is simple, and when we apply ourselves, things happen.

And that we're good like that. 

Also the rapid deployment of electric cars, busses, trucks, taxi cabs, street sweepers, lawn mowers: everywhere ICE's are currently being used, would help immensely.

The Url link above is to my facebook page, where messages can be sent. I'm an engineer, dictionary definition, (the operative word from the dictionary is "builds"), and if you put the 10 best engineers alive today in one room, I'm in that room. So is my brother, and everything we've ever designed we also proceeded to build. We've design built buildings, roads, small electric generation, water sewer and utilities ... irrigation, anything to do with water. Lots of stuff, over what is coming up on 40 years of running and working in 5 family owned companies, in the Ottawa Valley region of Canada, and some of the stuff we did, especially in the 80's when the door between private enterprises and all of these various government departments in this area was still open, and the collaboration on the geothermal systems and peat bed waste water treatment projects we did then was first in the field work. That was a time when the spirit of doing the work was enough to keep everybody involved happy and interested, and doing new things in the interest of helping all of us was its' own reward, and justified us going down some roads that needed to be plotted and made familiar. I'm not sure when I beame a physicist, I think I was just born one, as I've always scored close to or at 100% on all the tests I've ever taken in physics courses, and I still read from the new work ongoing in the realm of physics, which, there is much these days, not the least of which is the realization (photographs) that all matter is in fact energy. This opens the door to the assertion that everything is therefore alive, since, energy is animate. A little further into this room, and you'll start believing that there is no such thing as "dead".  

Anyway, all of this work and more will cease if we do not address the elemental problem noted above. 

We need to live here, on Earth, as if we were permanently here, otherwise, we will only be here temporarily. 

2016 Update: The decline of everything, fish bird and insect, continues unabated, and right now, July, one can not go outside anywhere planet wide and photograph a dozen or more different insect types. Without some kind of action in the area of O2 production to the atmosphere and oxide removal from the atmosphere, it is all but over now, I'm sorry to report. The Southern Hemisphere has a slighly higher O2 level than the Northern Hemisphere, because the oxide production is predominantly in the north, and if you can make it over the equator you may survive this. As per the recorded saw tooth path of the declining O2 level at the top of this article, a new record low is set every January, and I would advise none to be in the north during that month ever again, I'm not going to be, in fact I'm making plans presently and will be permanently moving south prior to January 2017. Gauges do not lie, they are incapable. Humans lie all the time, they are completely capable.

The reason there are insects at all is the nature of Dead Zones. There are areas in the sky that are at different humidity levels, at different pressures, and at different O2 levels. Not everything gets hit at the same time, however with an ever decreasing upper limit as well, species can survive for a short while because they don't all get hit at once, but this only last them a year or two, and then they check out anyway. These things, these internal combustion engines, they are burning off our atmosphere, of course, and this is calculable and predictable. Also there exists in UNESCO, Philosophy and World Problems in the Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems, a mandate to return the atmosphere to a 24% O2 level and keep it there, however, this mandate has sat there, un-enacted upon since being entered, and the whims of this one industry consistently prevent anyone, anywhere, from ever doing anything about it. 

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