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Maybe the Humans in Interstellar Wouldn't Have Wrecked Their Planet If They Had Stopped Monocropping

By Tim Hjersted /
Apr 4, 2016
Maybe the Humans in Interstellar Wouldn't Have Wrecked Their Planet If They Had Stopped Monocropping

Did the brainiac space man played by Matthew Mcconaughey ever stop to consider the possibility that continuing to rely on massive homogeneous corn fields was driving the death of the planet? No, no he did not.

This parody video isn't directly related to the movie, but it does a great job of mocking the ills of chemical farming and the opportuntity for local and biodiverse food systems. Please, let's hope we are smarter than the humans in Interstellar and hope we have abandoned the absurd practices of conventional agriculture 30 or so years from now. 

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