Sep 28, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh, Patriarchy, and Bursting the Ruling-Class Bubble

By Colin Jenkins /
Brett Kavanaugh, Patriarchy, and Bursting the Ruling-Class Bubble
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh reacts to questions about allegations of sexual assault.

"Elites" aren't accustomed to adversity, being challenged, or having their birthright entitlements questioned. They coast through their prep schools and Ivy League, and slide into their preordained adult lives without ever experiencing the daily struggles of working people. Their lives exist in a collective bubble, constantly protected from the harsh realities of life that most of us face. In fact, our miserable existence is what allows them to live as they do in the first place - oppressive systems like capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy thrive on this interplay. 

Regardless of the differences elites may have with one another (political or otherwise), they live by an unofficial code of maintaining and protecting each other at all costs. Because they realize that by protecting others within this exclusive club, they're really protecting the socioeconomic hierarchy itself. This code operates much like the "thin blue line" that police have - let bad and evil deeds slide, turn a blind eye, minimize indiscretions, etc. In the rare instance when they turn on each other, their true nature (and culture) is exposed. We are seeing this now with Brett Kavanaugh. 

The sheer rage that spills from such an entitled existence is like no other. There is very little doubt that he is guilty of what he's being accused of, as his entire path through life occurred within the narcissistic, haughty, callous, misogynistic environment that encompasses elitist, white, frat-boy culture - where such transgressions are routinely protected. Even far "below" these "elite" circles, women are victimized everyday by merely existing within the confines of patriarchy and capitalism. Men throughout society generally get away with this behavior. But "elite" men, especially "elite" white men, have been raised to embrace the powers of the bubble and the code that allows them unlimited room to maneuver unethically within it. This applies to all who have access (Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal), not just Brett Kavanaugh. 

When this bubble bursts, this is the result. And they call us entitled for wanting food, housing, and healthcare.

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