Jun 6, 2020

ARMY FOR TRUMP “Enlists” Citizens to “FIGHT” for Donald Trump 2020

By Matthew R. Bishop / filmsforaction.org
ARMY FOR TRUMP “Enlists” Citizens to “FIGHT” for Donald Trump 2020
A row of boats on a dock in South Carolina flying Trump 2020 flags, a common sight in southern coastal U.S. States

A terrifying new website recently opened up: ArmyForTrump.com

The website is recruiting “soldiers” to “enlist” and “fight” in the “Trump Army” in “the front lines” of the 2020 election war.

This is a website paid for and approved by the Donald J. Trump for President Campaign.

In big, bold, all-capital letters, at the center-top and front of the Home landing page, the viewer sees “FIGHT WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP!”

Immediately beneath this is a video clip, with superimposed font, again in all-caps, all-bold: “JOIN THE ARMY FOR TRUMP!”

The website’s Home page goes on to demonize both journalists and Democrats, dismisses “News” as “Fake”, and then prompts users to take immediate action in defense of Donald Trump.

Throughout the entire website are consistent and relentless references to fighting, enlistment, and other militia-type language.

“ARMY’ and “FIGHT”, specifically, are constantly repeated, almost always in all-caps and all-bold letters.

Recruits for door-to-door campaigners are described as “the front lines” of “the Donald Trump Army”.

In order to join the “ARMY”, you must type “ENLIST” to the provided phone number.

Again—this an official website which is paid for and sponsored by Donald Trump himself.

This website appears to have been launched around the same day (June 5th, 2020) that President Trump ordered an enormous U.S. Army force withdraw of 9,500 troops from bases in Germany.

The 9,500 U.S. soldiers will be moving from Germany back to U.S. bases by September, two months ahead of the U.S. 2020 Presidential Elections.

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