Articles by Matthew R. Bishop
Ukraine: a Brief Explanation
Matthew R. Bishop · A Brief Explainer on Ukraine Matthew R. Bishop, February 24, 2022     I: What Happened So Far? Russia formally invaded Ukraine with a force of approximately 200,000 combined air and ground forces.  The Ukrainian capital, Kiev, is...
Never Forget January 6, 2021
Matthew R. Bishop · Reflections on the one-year anniversary of the Capitol Coup
Democracy Dies in Silence
Matthew R. Bishop · A Warning to Americans and a Demand for Coup Accountability
The Moral Crisis
Matthew R. Bishop · America in 2020
The Appeal of Fascism
Matthew R. Bishop · The Appeal of Fascism Matthew R. Bishop - September 24th, 2020   As I ponder the imminent demise of our republic, I have arrived inadvertently at the answer to a question I did not mean to ask: Why has fascism so easily taken over...
A Vision of Creation: Progress in the Long View of History
Matthew R. Bishop · The arc of history is long and tiresome, but the events of the past are never as far away as we would like to believe they are. To understand where we are going, we must reflect on where we’ve been. In doing so, we will find the...
The Fate of Our Nation
Matthew R. Bishop · The Fate of Our Nation Matthew R. Bishop - July 17th, 2020 - Washington, D.C.   Rarely in American history have the stakes of one election risen to such heights that they could threaten to dissolve the nation itself. That is the si
July 4, 2020
Matthew R. Bishop · An Account of the Protests in Washington, D.C. on July 4th, 2020
A Genocide in China
9 Steps to Prevent Armed Conflict in U.S. 2020 Presidential Elections
Matthew R. Bishop · An Outline for State and Local Policymakers to Secure Safe U.S. Presidential Elections in November 2020
ARMY FOR TRUMP “Enlists” Citizens to “FIGHT” for Donald Trump 2020
Matthew R. Bishop · A terrifying new website recently opened up:
To President Trump: Resign Now
Matthew R. Bishop · Text of the Petition Demanding the Resignation of President Donald Trump
What We Demand and Why We Can't Wait
Matthew R. Bishop · Eleven Demands of the Protest Movement to Save the United States of America
The Failed State of Ohio
Matthew R. Bishop · Poverty and Unemployment in the Second Great Depression
What Happens in November
Matthew R. Bishop · In the fall of 2009, I interviewed a Holocaust survivor from the Lodz ghetto. As a young girl, she had seen her whole family lined up and executed by a Nazi firing squad in a spray of machine gun fire, alongside hundreds of the people...
Unemployment Is Designed to Fail
Matthew R. Bishop · State Unemployment agencies have been charged with the grave task of salvaging an economy on the brink of collapse, theoretically through the emergency distribution of living wages and stipends.
Building the New America
Matthew R. Bishop · I: The American Reality America was founded on a dream. It was a dream that all people, from all the war-torn and disease-ridden corners of the earth, could come to this new-age Promised Land and build a common future side-by-side. It...